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HUSEYIN UZUNBOYLU (Near East University, Cyprus) and DENIZ OZCAN (University of Kyrenia, Cyprus)

2016 • Pages: 312 • Size: 180x240 • Binding: Hard • Price: US $ 60/-RS. 2000/-

(Special Issue of International Journal of Educational Sciences - No. 6)

Education, Disability and Violence



  1. Cigdem Hursenand Didem Islek• Art and Craft Teachers’ Views Regarding Outdoor Education Approach Along with Identification of Their Training Needs
  2. Cigdem Hursenand Fatma Miralay• Similar Cultures, Similar Problems: Art Education Programs in Northern and Southern Cyprus
  3. Mircea Ion Ene, Teodora-MihaelaIconomescu, Laurentiu-Gabriel Talaghir and Adriana Neofit• Developing Spatial and Body Schema Orientation in Preschoolers and Primary School through Physical Activities.
  4. Fatma Tuba Aydin• The Mental Effects of Turkey’s Headscarf Ban in Schools: Stressors and Coping
  5. Çimen Ünlücan, Gökmen Dagli, Fahriye Altinay Aksaland Zehra Altinay Gazi• The Role of Parent Involvement: Participative Management Practices in a Special Education School Context
  6. Hülya Senol and Gökmen Dagli • Quality Improvement in Secondary Schools: Developing a School Self-evaluation Scale
  7. Engin Baysen• Object Disappearance Rules and Its Applications/Misconceptions
  8. Engin Baysen• Spaced Formula Learning
  9. Murat Topalogluand Aysegul OzdemirTopaloglu• Cyberbullying Tendencies of High School Students
  10. LutfiyeFedai, Zehra Altinay Gaziand Fahriye Altinay Aksal• Developing a Scale for Schools as Learning Organizations towards Quality Culture
  11. IlhamiBulut and Seyfettin Arslan• Views of Middle Graders toward the Concept of Tolerance
  12. EmrahSoykanand Fezile Özdamli• Special Education Teachers’ Opinions Regarding Tablet Computers in Education..
  13. Hakan Turan, KezibanKodaz and Gokmen Turan • The Effect of NLP Education on the Teaching Profession in Turkey
  14. Deniz Ozcan• Predictions and Attitudes towards Giftedness and Gifted Education
  15. Hakan Turan • Weighing of Learning Factors Using Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process
  16. Mehmet EkinVaiz, Zehra Altinayand Fahriye Altinay• Analysis of Conflict Management Strategies: Enhancing the Social Value System
  17. Murat Tezerand Meryem Cumhur• Anthropological Theory of Didactics and the Probability of the Constructivist Approach Being a Solution to the Common Mistakes Made in Mathematics Lessons
  18. Ipek Danjuand Huseyin Uzunboylu • Pedagogical Significance of Visual Aids and Ethnographic Films in Teaching History: Evidence from North Cyprus
  19. Hakan Atamturkand NurdanAtamturk• Socio-linguistic Competence of Turkish and Turkish Cypriot English as a Foreign Language Learners in the English Speech Act of Apology
  20. Figen Lesinger, Gökmen Dagli, Zehra Altinay Gazi, Sazali Bin Yusoff and Fahriye Altinay Aksal• Investigating the Relationship between Organizational Culture, Educational Leadership and Trust in Schools
  21. Bircan Ergun, Mehmet Caglar, Fahriye Altinay and Zehra Altinay• Establishing a Social Capital Framework for the Organizational Climate in the Secondary School Environment
  22. Nazim Kasot and Gokmen Dagli • Views of Prospective Teachers from North Cyprus and England towards a Sustainable Environment: A Comparative Case Study
  23. Jonas Jakaitis• The PBT/LM of Material Environment in the Urban Spaces
  24. Ahmet Savasan, Huseyin Uzunboyluand EdizTuncel• Training in Medical Tourism, a Necessity or a Perspective? A Needs Analysis of Stakeholders on Training Issues in Medical Tourism
  25. Ali EfdalOzkul, Yeliz Akintugand SecilBesim• The Assessment of Political Social and Psychological Effects of Wars on Society with Students’ Views 1974 Sampling
  26. Nuket Gunduz and Deniz Ozcan• The Development of Multiple Intelligence with Storytelling
  27. BehcetÖznacar• Evaluation of Parental Interference in the Choice of Profession
  28. Serap Ozbas• High School Students’ Intrinsic and Extrinsic Regulation in Learning Biology
  29. Huseyin Uzunboyluand CaglaTerzioglu Oz• Graphics Development for the Self-efficacy Scale: A Study of Validity and Reliability
  30. BasakBaglama and MukaddesSakalliDemirok• Opinions of Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Towards Special Education Support and Services
  31. Meltem Haksiz and MukaddesSakalliDemirok• Evaluating School Counselors’ Self-efficacy Perceptions Regarding Special Education
  32. NurselYardibi, TugbaKucuktamer and Zehra Ozcinar• The Evaluation of the Mobbing Behaviors Faced by Teachers in Secondary Schools

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