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Information-Special Volume - Journal


Dear Sir/Madam
About Guest Editor and Special Volume, in this regard, it is inform to you that we are publishing Special Volumes for our journals on the Specific Topics and we have already published quite good number of Special Volumes of the following journals which have been edited by Eminent Scholars in their field of specialization as Guest Editors and at present a few are either in press or under preparation (For details, please visit our website: www.krepublishers.com).

Either we invite the eminent scholar or the academician may offer his/her services for editing a Special Volume of the journal as Guest Editor/s . Scholars who are willing to edit a Special Volume in his/her field of specialisation may provide the Title of the Special Volume, with specific topics to be covered and name of the co-editor/s if any. The choice of the Title, the Contributors and their Topics is entirely of the Guest Editor/s.

After editing and ensuring that the style of that journal has been followed (Please visit our website: www.krepublishers.com) please forward the volume to the Editor/Managing Editor of the journal.

Please check that for the preparation of the Special Volume there is no time limit. The Special Volume will be published within six months (maximum) after receiving the complete manuscripts either hard copies and CD or via e-mail

Looking forward to your co-operation, comments and suggestions

We will be glad to provide any information required in this regard.

With best regards
Administrative Editor

Please check that the terms and conditions for the contributors to the Special Volume are the same as for the contributors to the regular Volume of the journal.