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Towards Achieving 2015 Millennium Development Goals

Tukalam Mashau, SontoMaputle and Takalani Tshitangano (University of Venda, South Africa)

(Special Volume of Journal of Social Sciences No.14)




  1. K. Morwe, T. P. Mulaudzi, A.K. Tugli, E. K. Klu, N. J. Ramakuela and P. Matshidze • Rural Village ofLimpopo Province, South Africa
  2. P. K. Chauke, R. Munzhelele and A. Maiwashe • Some Factors Impacting onStreet Sellers’ Ability toGenerate Above Poverty Line Income in Vhembe District, South Africa: Logistic Regression Approach
  3. K. G. Morwe, A. K. Tugli, E. K. Klu and P. E. Matshidze • Absent Fatherhood: Implications for SingleMother Families in the Odi Region, South Africa
  4. F. M. Mulaudzi, M.Chinouya and R. N. Ngunyulu • Perceptions of the Vhavenda Regarding theSignificance of IKS Rituals and Customs in Women’s Health: “The Other Side of The Coin
  5. Pilot Mudhovozi • Influence of the Social Environment on the Onset of Oppositional Defiant Disorder:A Case Study of a Grade Learner
  6. M. Radzilani-Makatu • Construction of Socio-culturally Situated Identities and Relationships within theContext of Widowhood and Bereavement Rituals
  7. L. H. Nemathaga, M. DavhanaMaselesele and L. B. Khoza • Lived Experiences of Women Who WereSexually Assaulted in the Vhembe District of Limpopo Province, South Africa
  8. K. E. Semise, M. Radzilani- Makatu and S.E. Nkoana • Identification of Causes of Criminal Behaviouramong Youth of Muledane Village, Vhembe District Municipality
  9. M. Madzhie • University Students’ Perceptions of the Causes ofStress
  10. T. H. Oni and T. G. Tshitangano • Risky Sexual Behaviors among Rural Teenagers in Vhembe District, South Africa
  11. N. S. Mashau, V. O. Netshandama and M. J. Mudau • Voluntary Home-Based Caregivers‘ PerceivedNeeds for Support: A Study in the Mutale Municipality in South Africa
  12. NhamoMashavira, Esther Mashavira and Pilot Mudhovozi • Non-Resident Parenting and the Psychological Well-being of Adolescents
  13. P. Farhangpour • Addressing Extremes of Poverty and Wealth: A Spiritual Challenge
  14. Pilot Mudhovozi • Sex-role Stereotyping in the Infant Learners’ Picture Book
  15. Pilot Mudhovozi, SimbaMugadza and LevisonMaunganidz • Medical Health Care Practitioners’ Viewson Collaboration with Psychologists in the City of Harare (Zimbabwe)
  16. NemathagaLivhuwani Hilda and Mudhovozi Pilot • Reporting and Preventing Sexual Assault amongStudents at a Selected University in South Africa
  17. H. N. Mutshaeni, L. R Manwadu and T. S Mashau • Management of Pregnant Learners in Secondary Schools: Perceptions of Educators

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