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TINA UYS (University of Johannesburg), KAMMILA NAIDOO

(University of Johannesburg) , NAGARAJU GUNDEMEDA (University

of Hyderabad) AND TAPIWA CHAGONDA (University of Johannesburg)

2015 • Pages: 173 • Size: 180 x 240 mm • Binding: Hard •

Price: US $ 35/- Rs. 1000/-

(Special Issue of Journal of Sociology and social Anthropology - No. 6)


This special issue has its roots in a long term collaborative relationship between scholars at the Universities of Hyderabad (UoH) and Johannesburg (UJ). The articles solicited touch on these issues embedded within a select number of central themes. The twelve papers in this special issue offer original research that reflects in different ways on the university as a place in which identities are socially constructed and resisted, a site where citizens actively seek redress and accessible higher education, as enclaves encouraging select social networks and class mobility, as a facilitator of social justice discourses, and as a context wrestling with revisions and reinventions of curricula.



  1. Bronwyn Dworzanowski-Venter and Tapiwa Chagonda • Seeking Barriers to the Development of Knowledge Transgressivity Potential (KTP): Lessons from a Postgraduate Student Survey at The University of Johannesburg
  2. Bhekimpilo Mpofu • Profiling Disadvantaged Undergraduate Students in Higher Education
  3. Cecilia van Zyl-Schalekamp and Patrick Mthombeni • Social-Background Factors Affecting the Academic Success of First Year Sociology Students at The University of Johannesburg, South Africa
  4. E. Binikos and P. Rugunanan • Racial Integration among Students at The University of Johannesburg
  5. Letitia Smuts, Josien Reijer and Tessa Dooms • Perceptions of Sexuality and Gendered Sexual Roles among Students at a South African University: Exploring Heteronormativity on Campus
  6. Anthony Kaziboni and Tina Uys • The Selection of Academic Role Models by First Year University Students
  7. Tina Uys and Anton Senekal • “Do We Stay or Do We Leave?” The Role of Trust and Engagement in Students’ Decision Whether to Remain in South Africa
  8. Nagaraju Gundemeda • The Idea of a University: A Sociological Study of a National University in India
  9. Sahana Sen and Nagaraju Gundemeda • Classroom as a Site of Learning: A Sociological Study of a University in India
  10. P. Anthony Raj and Nagaraju Gundemeda • The Idea of Social Justice: A Sociological Analysis of the University Students’ Reflections on the Reservation Policy in India
  11. C. A. Ramsheena and Nagaraju Gundemeda • Youth and Marriage: A Study of Changing Marital Choices among the University Students in India
  12. Tony Nyundu, Kammila Naidoo and Tapiwa Chagonda • ‘Getting Involved on Campus’: Student Identities, Student Politics, and Perceptions of the Student Representative Council (SRC)
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