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U. SHANKARKUMAR (National Institute of Immunohaematology, ICMR,

Maharashtra, India) 2012 • Pages: 096 • Size: 180x240 •

ISBN 81-85264-61-9 • Binding: Hard • Price: US $ 30/- RS. 750/-

(Special Volume of International Journal of Human Genetics - No. 11)


India with 1,189,700,000 billion people,having 3824 castes and 461 tribes is one of the mega diversity countries in the world. It is the second continent after Africa habituated by man for the past 60,000 years. Many more migrants have settled in various parts of India and huge expansion of Mankind has occurred. As a result, different marriage practices and social customs developed. The basic pattern of the society and value system seems to have been laid down well before the origin and spread of Dravidian and Aryan languages in India. India is an ancient land of immigration / spread of many different streams of people, whereas Africa is a land of origin, expansion and diver-gence of the same gene pool for the past 0.2 million years. Comparing these gene pools has already thrown newer insights into various evolutionary principles. One of the greatest experiments of Nature was the Caste system in India.




  1. Ritesh Panchal S. Mukerjee and Abhay Chowdhary • Influence of HLA on Altered Immunopathology of Dengue Virus (Review)
  2. A. Shankarkumar and U. Shankarkumar • Role of HLA-A, HLA- B, HLA-DRB1 and HLADQB1 alleles in HIV-1 Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis Co-infection from India
  3. U.Shankarkumar and J .P. John Paul • Multiple Sclerosisin India (Review)
  4. C. Rathika, K. Balakrishnan, T. Manikandan, N. Raja, V. Palani Kumaran and N. S. Prasad • Involvement of HLA-DR/DQ, ApoE and CE I/D Gene Polymorphisms in Development of Secondary Complication in South Indian T2DM Patients
  5. Jyothi V. Mallia, Dhanjit Kumar Das and Anurupa Maitra • Role of HLA in Human Pregnancy (Review)
  6. S. Kankonkar, B. S. Singhal and U. Shankarkumar • HLA A, B, Cw. DRB1 and DQB1 Alleles in Multiple Sclerosis Patients in India
  7. U. Shankarkumar • HLA C Allele Associations in Mumbai Psoriasis Patients

  9. K. Balakrishnan, C. Rathika, R. Kamaraj, R. Subashini, M. P. Saravanan, K. V. Asha, M. Kananan, R. Vinoth Kumar, T. Manikandan, T. Divakar, and V. Murali • Grdiants in distribution of HLA – DRB1* alleles in castes and tribes of South India
  10. S. Kankonkar and U. ShankarKumar • Molecular Diversity of HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-DRB1 AND HLA-DQB1 Alleles from Mumbai India

  12. P. S. Dhurandhar and A. R. Halankar • Pre and Post Transplant Immunological Evaluation for a Long Successful Graft Survival
  13. P. S. Dhurandhar, A.R. Halankar and U. Shankarkumar • Pre or Post Transplant CMV Infection and Successful Graft Survival

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