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Communication and Language(s) in Teaching and Learning Mathematics

Luckson M. Kaino(Kampala International University,Tanzania)and N’úriaPlanas(University Autonomous of Barcelona, Spain and University of South Africa, South Africa)

(Special Volume of Journal of Communication- No. 1)




  1. KakomaLuneta • Issues in Communicating Mathematically in Rural Classrooms in South Africa
  2. Moshe M. Phoshoko and NúriaPlanas • Mathematics Teachers and Their Understanding of Multiplication: A Case of Two African Language-speakers in South Africa
  3. Lyn Webb • Experiential Teacher Training for Language Diverse Mathematics Classrooms
  4. Judah P. Makonye • What are Student Teachers’ Perceptions in the Use of Home Languages in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics?
  5. Sarah Bansilal • An Exploration of Students’ Conversions from a Symbolic to a Verbal Representation
  6. ZingiswaMybert Monica Jojo • The Use of Indigenous Materials in the Teaching and Learning of Geometry
  7. MogegeMosimege • Learners’ Experiences and Knowledge in Indigenous Activities: Opportunities for the Mathematics Classrooms
  8. LucksonMuganyiziKaino and ChosiKasanda • Some Indigenous Strategies in Mathematics Teaching: Taking the Artefacts into the Classroom
  9. DelfinaAzevedo • Communication Tools and Methodologies for Mathematics Instruction

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