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African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS) for SustainableRural Livelihood

Hassan O. Kaya (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

(Special Volume of Journal of Social Sciences No.15)




  1. Kathleen Diga, MvuseleloNgcoya, Sarah Bracking, Mandy Lombo and SiyabongaNtombela • Poverty Reduction Co-benefits through Indigenous Knowledge in Climate Change Adaptation: A Study within the eThekwini Municipality
  2. YetundeAdebunmiAluko • Rural Women’s Indigenous Knowledge of the Nutritional and Medicinal Use of Vegetables in Southwest Nigeria
  3. Joyce Myeza and Hassan O. Kaya • Interfacing ICT and Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Sustainable Environmental Management in South Africa
  4. H.O. Kaya and S.E. Kale • African Indigenous Institutions and Contemporary Global Security
  5. Hassan O. Kaya and MayashreeChinsamy • Community-based Environmental Resource Management Systems for Sustainable Livelihood and Climate Change Adaptation: A Review of Best Practices in Africa
  6. Hassan O. Kaya • Cultural Values and African Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Climate Change Adaptation
  7. MayashreeChinsamy and Motheo Koitsiwe • Indigenous Knowledge-based Vegetable Garden Projects for Poverty Alleviation in South Africa
  8. MayashreeChinsamy and Motheo Koitsiwe • Traditional Knowledge of Medicinal and Food Plant Uses for Sustainable Community Livelihoods: A Case of Batswana Communities in South Africa
  9. ZaneleShilenge • Using Transdisciplinarity of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Food Security Research
  10. Nathan K.Taremwa, Damascene Gashumba, AnastaseButera and ThimmaiyahRanganathan • Climate Change Adaptation in Rwanda through Indigenous Knowledge Practice
  11. Nathan K.Taremwa, DancillaMukakamari and AnastaseButera • Enhancing the Livelihood of Rural Women through Indigenous Vegetable Production around Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda
  12. Michael Vunyingah and Hassan O. Kaya • Sorghum as an Indigenous Drought Resistant Crop for Food Security in the North West Province of Cameroon

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