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African Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Environmental Management

MAYASHREE CHINSAMY (University of KwaZulu-Natal,South Africa)

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 21)




  1. Nelson Ijumba and Hassan Kaya • Energy Resources and Environmental Conflicts in Africa: Implications on Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Environmental Policy
  2. Hassan O. Kaya and Motheo Koitsiwe • African Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Natural Disaster Management in North West Province, South Africa
  3. PhumzileNomnga and Mfundo Shakes Scott • A Pragmatic ICT4D Approach to Environmental Ethics for Rural and Marginalised Areas (RMAs): The Perspicacity of Dwesa Community
  4. Samuel MukuluOrecho, Alfred N.N. Muzuka and Mark Kelvin Mte • Indigenous Knowledge in Governance of REDD+ for Climate Change Mitigation in Tanzania: Opportunities and Challenges
  5. F.A. Ruffin • Sacred Space of African Indigenous Forces of Nature: Environmental Ethics for the African Diaspora
  6. NolwaziDlamini and Hassan O. Kaya • Environmental Security, Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Implications for Food Security in South Africa
  7. Hassan O. Kaya • Indigenous Knowledge and Biodiversity for Sustainable Food Security in South Africa
  8. SnehalathaVadigi • Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Formal Scientific Research for Climate Change
  9. Danford T. Chibvongodze • Ubuntu is Not Only about the Human! An Analysis of the Role of African Philosophy and Ethics in Environment Management
  10. Felix Olorunfemi, MayowaFasona, Grace Oloukoi, Peter Elias and Vide Adedayo • Traditional Knowledge in the Use and Management of Forest Ecosystem for Livelihoods and Food Security in Nigerian Savanna
  11. H.O. Kaya and G.M. Nkondo • African Indigenous Languages and the Millennium Development Goals in South Africa
  12. F.A. Ruffin, L.J. Teffo and H.O. Kaya • African Indigenous Languages and Environmental Communication

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