B. MOHAN REDDY (Indian Statistical Institute, Hyderabad, India)

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(Special Volume of International Journal of Human Genetics - No. 9)


With the advent of molecular genetic technology and rapid screening techniques the interest in studying Indian populations has been redoubled during the past decade and a number of anthropological questions and/hypotheses have been tested using the molecular genetic markers. This volume on Molecular Anthropology is a collection of papers by eminent scholars, which provide comprehensive overview of the results from molecular anthropological studies, covering wide array of research issues constituting the broad theme molecular genetic variation of populations and diseases. The articles in this volume provide a comprehensive review of the status of understanding on the patterns of genetic variation among populations and genetic predisposition/etiology of the many complex disorders. One common feature in most of these papers, however, is the account on the status of research in these aspects on Indian populations and the prospects that the Indian populations can offer in dissecting genetic etiology of these disease conditions. Overall, this volume should serve as a significant source of reference material for students and research workers dealing with the molecular genetic aspects of diseases and populations.



List of Contributors


Vikal Tripathy, A. Nirmala and B. Mohan Reddy • Trends in Molecular Anthropological Studies in India
Denise R. Carvalho-Silva and Chris Tyler-Smith • The Grandest Genetic Experiment Ever Performed on Man? – A Y-Chromosomal Perspective on Genetic Variation in India
Vikrant Kumar, A.N.S. Reddy, Pradeep Babu, T. Nageswar Rao, K. Thangaraj, A.G. Reddy, Lalji Singh and B. Mohan Reddy • Molecular Genetic Study on the Status of Transitional Groups of Central India: Cultural Diffusion or Demic Diffusion?
Gyaneshwer Chaubey, Mait Metspalu, Monika Karmin, Kumarasamy Thangaraj, Siiri Rootsi, Juri Parik, Anu Solnik, Deepa Selvi Rani, Vijay Kumar Singh, B. Prathap Naidu, Alla G. Reddy, Ene Metspalu, Lalji Singh, Toomas Kivisild and Richard Villems • Language Shift by Indigenous Population: A Model Genetic Study in South Asia
Puneetpal Singh, Monica Singh, D.P. Bhatnagar, Taranpal Kaur and Sarabjit Mastana • Apolipoprotein C3 (SstI) Gene Variability in Northwest India: A Global Perspective
Manorama Tripathi, U.K. Chauhan, Piyush Tripathi and Suraksha Agrawal • Role of Alu Element in Detecting Population Diversity
P. Veerraju, D. A. Demarchi, N. Lakshmi and T. Venkateswara Rao •Insertion/Deletion Polymorphisms in Indian Tribal Populations
Suvendu Maji, S. Krithika and T.S. Vasulu • Distribution of Mitochondrial DNA Macrohaplogroup N in India with Special Reference to Haplogroup R and its Sub-Haplogroup U
R. Trivedi, Sanghamitra Sahoo, Anamika Singh, G. Hima Bindu, Jeelam Banerjee, Manuj Tandon, Sonali Gaikwad, Revathi Rajkumar, T. Sitalaximi, Richa Ashma, G. B.N. Chainy and V. K. Kashyap • Genetic Imprints of Pleistocene Origin of Indian Populations: A Comprehensive Phylogeographic Sketch of Indian Y-Chrosomosomes
Mark Zlojutro, Larissa A. Tarskaia, Mark Sorensen, J. Josh Snodgrass, William R. Leonard and Michael H. Crawford • The Origins of the Yakut People: Evidence from Mitochondrial DNA Diversity
Darío A. Demarchi and Angelina García Ministro • Genetic Structure of Native Populations from the Gran Chaco Region, South America


R M. Pitchappan, V. J. Kavitha and M. Jayalakshmi • HLA Genomic Diversity of India and its Implications in HIV Pandemic
Satagopan Uthra, Rajiv Raman, Bickol N. Mukesh, Rani Padmaja Kumari, Tarun Sharma, Catherine A McCarty and Govindasamy Kumaramanickavel• Genetics of Diabetic Retinopathy
Inderjeet Kaur, Yashoda Ghanekar and Subhabrata Chakrabarti • Understanding the Genetics of Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Some Insights into the Disease Pathogenesis
Govindaiah Vinukonda • Plasma Homocysteine and Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Gene Polymorphism in Human Health and Disease: An Update
Jayanta Kumar Nayak, B. N. Sarkar, P. K. Das and V. R. Rao • Genetics of Alcohol Use in Humans: An Overview
Vipin Gupta, Rajesh Khadgawat, K. N. Saraswathy, M. P. Sachdeva and A. K. Kalla • Emergence of TCF7L2 as a Most Promising Gene in Predisposition of Diabetes Type II
A. Nirmala, B. M. Reddy and P.P. Reddy • Genetics of Human Obesity: An Overview
Gagandeep Kaur Walia, Rupak Mukhopadhyay, K.N. Saraswathy, Manju Puri and S.M.S. Chahal • Immuno-Molecular Etiology of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and the Anthropological Perspective
Anju Gupta, Swati Sarwai, Neelam Pathak and Sarita Agarwal • Beta-Globin Gene Mutations in India and Their Linkage to β-Haplotypes


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