Indian Diaspora - 21st Century Challenges - Globalisation, Ethnicity, and Identity

ANAND SINGH (University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa)
2009 • Pages: 116 • Size: 180x240 • ISBN 81-85264-50-3 • Binding: Hard

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(Anthropologist Special Issue No. 4)


The papers that appear in this Special Edition of The Anthropologist serve as an inaugural publication for The Commission for Migration and Diaspora Studies, affiliated to the International Union for Anthropological and Ethnological Studies (IUAES). They were initially intended for presentation at an IUAES international congress, that was scheduled to be held in Kunming, People’s Republic of China, but was postponed from July 2008 to July 2009. Each paper is a reflection of the growing international interest on issues such as regional and inter-continental migration as well as about issues surrounding ethnicity and identity. Collectively, they are entrenched in the discourse of ‘globalisation’ and ‘transnationalism’ – which have acquired substantive currency in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

One of the biggest contributors to migration and Diaspora movements are people of Indian origin. Through their recognized competencies in entrepreneurship, scholarship and hard work, there is an expanding interest in the historical conditions that led them to settle in colonies from the 19th century, the course that their successive generations had to take to increase their levels of competency in various fields, and the push and pull factors that

act as inducements to relocate and restart their lives. Each of the papers here engage in some measure of history, race, ethnicity and the politics that surround the politics of the Indian Diaspora, making them consistent with the widespread interest in contemporary social science/ humanities discourses. However, while these papers are a special focus of people from one geographical region, the Commission for Migration and Diaspora Studies has an interest in the entire world’s population and the movements that emerge from whatever area that has a story to tell.


Editorial - Anand Singh

List of Contributors


Contextualising Migration and Diasporic Studies in the 21st Century IUAES Commission on Migration • Anand Singh
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Reflexivity and the Diaspora: Indian Women in Post-Indenture Caribbean, Fiji, South Africa and Mauritius • Ravindra K. Jain
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Transmigrant Women’s Agency in Global Processes: India and its Diaspora • Shobhita Jain
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Negotiated Identities: South African Indian Women Transnationals in Durban, KwaZulu – Natal • Gerelene Jagganath Pattundeen
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Marriage and Childbirth as Transnational Triggers: Homeland Attachments of Second-Generation Indo-Canadians • Kara Somerville
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

In Between Indianness and Americanness: Second-Generation Asian Indian Youths in New York • Rupam Saran
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Asian Indian Experience in the United States: Then and Now • Parmatma Saran
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Environmental Design, Crime and the Re-Racialisation of South African Society • Shanta Singh and Anand Singh
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

The Gujarati Hindu Community in Kwazulu/Natal • Kalpana Hirala
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Caste, Class and Identities among Surtee Muslims in KwaZulu Natal (South Africa), c. 1880-2009 • Goolam Vahed
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]


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