P. K. SURESH (Chennai Dental Research Foundation, Chennai, India)

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(Special Issue of International Journal of Human Genetics - No. 8)


The present Special Issue with collection of nine papers should enable the researcher/student and the clinician in better appreciating the importance of the GENE EXPRESSION SIGNATURES (GES), which can potentially improve diagnosis and/or prognosis. Cancer is a multi-factorial disease and hence, the approach has been to identify biomarkers in the continuum between the onset and disease progression. Collaborations (for e.g., multi-centric projects), in India as well as globally, that will synergize the efforts of clinicians, epidemiologists, scientists (wet-lab and social), computational biologists and bio-informaticians will improve our ability for inter-laboratory comparison of data. Cost-effective methods without compromising on the sensitivity, specificity, reproducibility, robustness, scalability, with ease of operation would be especially relevant in translating research ideas from the bench-side to the chair-side/bedside.



Kunal Bhattacharya, Gerrit Alink and Elke Dopp • Oxidative Stress and Changed Gene Expression Profiles in Fiber-/Particle-Induced Carcinogenesis
B. Joseph and G. Kumaramanickavel • ‘Insight’ into Molecular Genetic Testing in Retinoblastoma
R. Rajaraman, D. L. Guernsey, M.M. Rajaraman and S.R. Rajaraman • Neosis - A Parasexual Somatic Reduction Division in Cancer
Ramanathan S. Uma and T. Rajkumar • DNA Microarray and Breast Cancer-A Review
Ranju Ralhan • Diagnostic Potential of Genomic and Proteomic Signatures in Oral Cancer
Rachna Pandey, Nitin Patil and Mala Rao • Proteases and Protease Inhibitors: Implications in Antitumorigenesis and Drug Development
Geeta K. Vemuganti and Chitra Kannabiran • Gene Expression Signatures in Stem Cells - Lessons for Therapy
Rukmini B Govekar and Surekha M Zingde • Cancer Proteomics: How Far are We from the Clinics?
P.K. Suresh, K. Ranganathan, S. Balasundaram and R. Gunaseelan • Gene Expression Signatures – Ex Vivo / In Vitro Approaches for Signature Development and Validation

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