Contemporary Discourses on Media and Theatre Arts Studies in Nigeria

HYGINUS O. EKWUAZI (University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria),
CHARLES O. ALUEDE and OSAKUE S. OMOERA (Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria)
2011 • Pages: 160 • Size: 180x240 • ISBN 81-85264-61-9 • Binding: Hard

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(Anthropologist Special Issue No. 9)


Media and Theatre Arts Studies are increasingly wielding powerful influences in contemporary societies. It is against this multifaceted humanistic backdrop of this burgeoning rib of scholarship that this edition,

The Anthropologist Special Volume 9 – Contemporary Discourses on Media and Theatre Arts Studies in Nigeria was conceived.

Without any doubt, myriads of religio-political revolutionary changes are taking place across the globe. Have the Media and Theatre Arts Studies any contributions to make in social engineering and development matters? What is the state of research on this field in the Nigerian culture space? These are the kernels of this edition.

This book has about twenty chapters unevenly spread over different areas of Theatre and Media Arts Studies which were contributed by scholars in the different strands of the discipline across all regions of Nigeria.

It is hoped that this compendium will titillate the intellectual antennae of researchers who are interested in Nigerian Media and Theatre Arts scholarship.




List of Contributors


  1. Etop Akwang - Texts as Shrines: A Dialogic Assessment of Nigerian Ethnic Pantheons in the Plays of Ahmed Yerima
  2. Marcel Okhakhu - The Use of Mobile Cinema in Promoting Health Issues in Nigeria
  3. Cyrus Damisa Suru - Aesthetics of Life in Ebira Festivals
  4. Charles E. Nwadigwe - The Finger of Music’: Meki Nzewi and Perspectives towards a Total Theatre in Africa
  5. Adesina Adegbite - Scenography and Conceptual Interpretation of Joe de Graft’s Muntu
  6. Solomon Ikibe - Non-Musicals as Extra-Musicals: Musical Role of Broom and Hand-Fans in Some African Festivals
  7. Elo Ibagere and Chukwuma Anyanwu - The Role of Community Media in Democracy: Focus on Nigeria
  8. Saviour Nathan A. Agoro - A Playwright’s Counsel to a New Playwright
  9. Gloria D. Ekere - Lighting Design and Concept in African Theatre: The Ibibio Mbre-Offiong Experience
  10. Marcel Okhalkhu - An Evaluation of the Use of Drama to Increase HIV/AIDS Awareness in Nigeria
  11. Wenikado S. Ganagana - A Synergy of the Visual Arts and Performing Arts: A Perspective
  12. Mariam Asabe Iyeh - Egwu-Ada as a Symbol of Women Veneration among the Asaba People of Delta State, Nigeria
  13. Chiduo C. Obadiegwu - From ‘Rhetoric’ to Holistic Pedagogy: Drama and Curriculum Development in nigerian Educational System
  14. Tayo Simeon Arinde - Repositioning Women for the Promotion of Global Peace: A Case Study of The Wives’ Revolt and Queen Ghasengeh
  15. Osakue Stevenson Omoera and Francis Oseghale - An Emic Exploration of the Igbabonelimhin Dance-Theatre of the Esan of Edo State, Nigeria
  16. Chukwuma Anyanwu and Elo Ibagere - Communication and Gender Equality:
    The African Experience
  17. S.E. Ododo, B.A. Braimah and M.O. Sunnie-Ododo - Costume and Make-up in Menwara Festival Perforance of the Kanakuru
  18. Olatunde-Ayodabo and Stanley Oriola - Stylistics and Creative Configuration in Modern Nigerian Poetry: A Novelty or Burden?
  19. Alexandra U. Esimaje and Imabasi O. Essien - Investigating Billboard Advertising in Nigeria: A Semio-communicational Act
  20. Adekunle Mamudu - Rebellion in Ahmed Yerima’s Otaelo.
  21. Index


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