SUSANTA ROYCHOUDHURY (Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata, India)

NITAI P. BHATTACHARYYA (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India)

2003• Pages: 76. Size: 180x240• Binding: Hard• PRICE: US $ 35/-RS. 850/-

(Special Issue of International Journal of Human Genetics - 2)


The successful implementation of the human genome project has raised the hope to understand molecular basis of various complex disease phenotypes in much greater depth. One of the immediate beneficiaries of this huge body of information would be the field of cancer research. Thus, it is timely to review some of the contemporary issues in cancer research in the Special Issue of Cancer Genetics and Genomics... It is hoped that topics discussed in this special issue by various experts in the field would be useful to its readers and help them to generate new thoughts.


SIGURDUR INGVARSSON • Molecular Genetics of Breast Cancer
SUMAN BHUSAN CHAKRABORTY, MD. GOLAM SABBIR, ANUP ROY, ARUNAVA SENGUPTAAND CHINMAY KUMAR PANDA • Multiple Deletions in Chromosome 3p are Associated with the Development of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
GOURISH MONDAL AND SUSANTA ROYCHOUDHURY • The Spindle Assembly Checkpoint and Its Defects in Human Cancer
BIDYUT ROY AND NILABJA SIKDAR • Polymorphisms in Drug-metabolizing Genes and Risk of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Y. R. AHUJA AND N. RAJESHWARI • What Is My Risk of Cancer?
PROCHI MADON, ARUNDHATI ATHALYE, VIJAY BANDKAR, SURESH DHUMAL, ARIFA SOPARIWALA AND FIRUZA PARIKH • Fluorescence in-situ Hybridization (FISH) – A Rapid and Useful Technique for Diagnosis and Management in Leukemia
G. GANDHI, P. SHARMA, A. KAUR AND BADARUDDOZA • The Micronucleus Test inUrothelial Cells and Uterine Smears of Cervix Cancer Patients: A Comparison
JERZY JANKUN, STEVEN H. SELMAN, AND EWA SKRZYPCZAK-JANKUN • Control of the Aggressive Capacity of Prostate Cancer by Nutritional Inhibitors of Urokinase andLipoxygenase

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