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(Special Issue of International Journal of Human Genetics - No. 6)


Cancer is a multi-stage disease. In each stage there is clonal evolution of specific clone due to accumulation of different genetic/epigenetic changes. Due to successful progression of Human Genome Project, cancer research is now in a new momemtum in identifying the cancer associated genes. Depending on function, these gnes can be classified as oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, predisposing/susceptibility genes, protector genes and replication fidelity genes. The etiological factors that are highly associated with human cancer are a) physical agents like UV/ ionizing radiation, b) chemical agents mainly alcohol, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), different nitroso compounds etc, and c) viral agents e.g. HPV, HBV, EBV etc. The physical and chemical agents mainly interact with DNA leading to the accumulation of mutations due to impairment of efficient repair systems. The viral agents code different tumor associated antigens that interact with different cellular proteins that cause dysfunction of the DNA repair system, chromosomal recombination and segregation procedures, and ultimately deregulation of cell cycle. Also, susceptibility differences of different individual to the chemical and viral agents due to genetic polymorphism are assumed to be important factors in the tumor predisposition. Thus, to get an idea about the recent trend in cancer research different aspects of cancer genetics have been discussed in this issue.



SHILADITYA SENGUPTA AND SUSANTA ROYCHOUDHURY • DNA Double Strand Break and Repair: Mechanisms and Involvement in Human Cancer
SREEKALA NAIR AND M RADHAKRISHNA PILLAI • Human Papilloma Virus, Cellular Genetics and Susceptibility to Cervical Cancer.
PARAMITA BHATTACHARYA AND SHARMILA SENGUPTA • HLA DQB1*03 Genotypes and Susceptibility to Cervical Cancer in Indian Women.
RAMDAS CHATTERJEE, BIPLAB MANDAL AND SARMISTHA BANDYOPADHYAY • Detection of Hpv DNA in Cervical Carcinomas After Treatment in India.
RUNU CHAKRAVARTY • Host Genetic Factors in Hepatitis B Virus Infection
NILABJA SIKDAR, SILA DATTA, BADAL DEY, RANJAN RASHMI PAUL, CHINMAY KUMAR PANDA AND BIDYUT ROY • Homozygous Null Genotype at Glutathione S-Transferase M1 Locus as a Risk Factor For Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Indian Tobacco Users.
MANAS RANJAN RAY, CHANDREYI BASU, S MUKHERJEE, S ROYCHOWDHURY AND TWISHA LAHIRI • Micronucleus Frequencies and Nuclear Anomalies in Exfoliated Buccal Epithelial Cells of Firefighters.
NILANJANA BHATTACHARYA, NEELANJANA CHUNDER, ANUP ROY, NIYAZ ALAM, SUSANTA ROYCHOUDHURY AND CHINMAY KUMAR PANDA • Amplification of c-myc Locus is Independently Associated with the Deletions of Chromosome 8p in Breast Carcinoma.
PRATIMA MUKHERJEE, ETHI RANI MANDAL AND SUSANTA KUMAR DAS • Evaluation of Anti-Proliferative Activity of Enoxacin on a Human Breast Cancer Cell Line.


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