ANTHROPOLOGY TODAY: Trends, Scope and Applications

VEENA BHASIN AND M. K. BHASIN (University of Delhi, Delhi, India)

2007 • Pages: 576 • Size: 180x240 • ISBN 81-85264-45-7

Binding: Hard

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In the 21st century Anthropology is under continuous pressure to redefine itself to explore sweeping biological and social transformations that are taking place in the society today. Anthropology over the years is recognized as the discipline that studies man in time and space. The focus of anthropological research is on human population(s) living in an ecological niche.

Anthropology has traditionally followed a four fold division recognizing

1. Palaeo-anthropology/Pre-historic Archaeology

2. Social/Cultural Anthropology

3. Biological Anthropology

4. Linguistic Anthropology

as distinct areas of specialization. However, over the years emphasis has shifted. The science of Man in society while conforming to the broad four fold division has over the years developed numerous sub-disciplines that cater to the challenges of comprehending

impact of technology and rampant industrialization, global warming and biological interventions on mankind. Various new frontiers have opened in the last century that demands anthropological skills for intervention. The present volume is only an attempt to provide a glimpse to the readers of various methodological and functional modalities of the discipline on a broad platform.

To pay befitting tribute to the subject of Anthropology, it will be perfectly in order to state that the discipline has the unique distinction of being a melting pot of all the basic and applied sciences - earth, -physical, -life, -medicine as well as - social and humanities. In the past contributions made by the fraternity has helped mankind pass many milestones. Its contributions to exploring complexities of human civilization are well acknowledged. This volume explores new frontiers that discipline with its advanced theoretical insights and methodological tools is examining. Review articles and other papers take a critical view of the past accomplishments and future possibilities. The volume is presented to you with the hope that it will become a ready reckoner for future researchers looking for new themes and research paradigms.



List of Contributors


  1. Encounters with, and Prospects for, the Discipline of Anthropology - Robert J. Gregory
  2. Anthropological Field Researches in the 21st Century: Scope, Challenges and Ethics - Wondwosen Teshome-Bahiru and Jerusalem Negash-Wossene
  3. Understanding the Present and the Past: Perspectives on Anthropology and Archaeology - Indrani Chattopadhyaya
  4. Human Ecology in Anthropology: Past, Present, and Prospects - Michael A. Little
  5. Bio-cultural Approach: The Essence of Anthropological Study in the 21st Century - R. Khongsdier


  1. Anthropological Dialectics in Illness and Indigenous Knowledge - K. E. Rajpramukh
  2. Medical Anthropology : Healing Practices in Contemporary Sikkim - Veena Bhasin
  3. Medical Anthropology : Debates on Intervention Review of HIV/AIDS Related Studies: Perspectives from Anthropology - Shalina Mehta and N. Inaoba Singh
  4. Food Habits: Some Relationship to Diabetes and Heart Diseases - Analava Mitra
  5. Using Tribal Researchers: A Vital and Necessary Development - R.E.S.Tanner
  6. Indigenous Knowledge, Conservation and Management of Natural Resources among Primitive Tribal Groups of Andhra Pradesh - V.L.N. Rao and G.V. Ramana
  7. Eco-Tourism for So-Called Tribal Development: A Critical Assessment from an Anthropological Perspective - Jyotsna Mohanty
  8. Engendering Development in Nigeria through Cultural Heritage Research - Samuel Oluwole Ogundele
  9. Gender, Rural Planning and Management: A Review - Tapati Dasgupta and R. N. Chattopadhyay


  1. The Study of Human Variation - Goran Štrkalj
  2. Genetics of Castes and Tribes of India: Indian Population Milieu - M. K. Bhasin
  3. Human Skin Colour, Its Genetics, Variation and Adaptation: A Review - A.K. Kalla
  4. Ear Biometric: An Aid to Personal Identification - Ruma Purkait
  5. Estimation of Stature on the Basis of Measurements of the Lower Limb - Bhavna and Surinder Nath
  6. Causes and Consequences of Obesity - Kaushik Bose, Mithu Bhadra and Ashish Mukhopadhyay
  7. Gender, Reproductive Ageing, Adiposity, Fat Distribution and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Spanish Women Aged 45-65 - C. Bernis
  8. Somatotype and Disease – A Review- S.P. Singh
  9. Genetic Epidemiology of Arterial Blood Pressure: A Review - A. Nirmala, P. Chengal Reddy, Vikal Tripathy and B. M. Reddy
  10. Dermatoglyphics: A Review - H. K. Kumbnani
  11. Genetic Markers in Human Blood - M. K. Bhasin and H. Walter
  12. The Molecular Basis of Alpha - Thalassaemias in India: A Review - Rinini Dastidar and Geeta Talukder
  13. Role of Human Leukocyte Antigens in Studying Population Diversity - Suraksha Agrawal, Sanjeev Srivastava and Piyush Tripathi
  14. Human Leukocyte Antigen Polymorphism and Association: A Review - U. Shankarkumar, A. Pawar and K. Ghosh
  15. Molecular Anthropology • Population and Forensic Genetic Applications - Sarabjit Mastana
  16. Molecular Genetic Perspective of Indian Populations: A Y-Chromosome Scenario - S. Krithika, Suvendu Maji and T.S. Vasulu
  17. High Resolution Phylogeographic Map of Y-Chromosomes Reveal the Genetic Signatures of Pleistocene Origin of Indian Populations - R. Trivedi, Sanghamitra Sahoo, Anamika Singh, G. Hima Bindu, Jheelam Banerjee, Manuj Tandon, Sonali Gaikwad, Revathi Rajkumar, T Sitalaximi, Richa Ashma, G. B. N. Chainy and V. K. Kashyap
  18. To Err is Genetics: Diagnosis and Management of Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM)- Anju Gupta
  19. Genetic Causes of Congenital Malformation - Suraksha Agrawal
  20. Human Population Cytogenetics: A Review - M. K. Bhasin


  1. Challenges of the Biological Anthropology, and Problems Related to Global Bioethics - Charles Susanne
  2. Genetic Adaptation of Man- A. I. Ibraimov
  3. Culture as Extraorganic Mode of Adaptation to Environment (Education and Teaching as a Culture Phenomenon) - Anna Siniarska and Napoleon Wolañski
  4. Global Impacts of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Human Health and Adaptability - Michael A. Little and Ralph M. Garruto


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