Human Ecology


HASSAN O. KAYA (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

2014 • Pages: 111 • Binding: Hard •

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(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 18)


This special publication on African Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Food Security brings together a number of research papers based on studies conducted in Tanzania, South Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Malawi. The term ‘Indigenous Knowledge Systems’ is used to describe the bodies of knowledge developed by local communities as opposed to the western scientific knowledge that is generally referred to as ‘modern’ knowledge. Indigenous knowledge has been articulated in various ways as the basis for local-level decision-making in local communities various aspects of life including issues related to food security. It has value not only for the culture in which it evolves, but also for scientists and development agencies striving to improve conditions in rural localities. It forms the basis of locating the development process within the context of local ways of knowing including culture and value systems. Incorporating indigenous knowledge, therefore, into food security policy strategies can lead to the development of effective strategies that are cost-effective, participatory and sustainable as they are based on what the people themselves know and can sustain.



Fathima Ahmed and Naadira Nadasen • Participatory Risk Assessment of Tourism Development in Coastal Areas: Challenges and Implications for Management on the KwaZulu-Natal Coast

Noel Chellan, Mdu Mtshali and Sultan Khan • Rebranding of the Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park in South Africa: Reflections on Benefits and Challenges for the Former of St Lucia

Philippa Harrison and Brij Maharaj • Tourism Impacts on Subsistence Agriculture: A Case Study of the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Victor Ngonidzashe Muzvidziwa • Eco-tourism, Conservancies and Sustainable Development: The Case of Zimbabwe

Maheshvari Naidu • Anthropology of Experience: Touring the Past at Robben Island

Thenjiwe Meyiwe • The South African Nguni Female Body and Traditional Dress as a National Identity ‘Exploit’

Urmilla Bob and Cheryl Potgieter • Mega-events and Tourism Impacts: Foreign Visitor Perceptions of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa

Vivian Besem Ojong • Academic Travel: Travelling for Work

Lindy Stiebel • ‘When in Rome…?’: Literary Tourism in Rome from a South African Perspective

Edwin C. Perry and Cheryl Potgieter • Crime and Tourism in South Africa

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