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SANTA BALGOBIND SINGH (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) and GENELENE JAGGANATH (University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa)

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(Special Issue of Journal of Sociology and social Anthropology - No. 3)

Youth Globalization

In 2012 an Inter-Congress of International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) on “Children and Youth in a Changing World” was held at KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India, during November 26-30, 2012. The Inter-congress was organized jointly by the IUAES Commission on Children, Youth and Childhood and the Centre for Children Studies, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), KIIT University. This Inter-congress was a multi-disciplinary conference on “Children and Youth in a Changing World”. Various themes were presented at the Inter-Congress and this special edition is based on the main theme of youth and globalization. The first paper by Anand Singh deals with “Definitional and methodological problems in researching youth issues in contested terrains”.
    The articles address various issues on youth in different parts of the world. Some of the articles are: “Drugs, Youth and Crime: The South African Predicament” by Shanta Balgobind Singh. Gerelene Jagganath wrote on “Youth vulnerability in a global world: Girls and ‘sugars’ addiction in Chatsworth, Durban”. Emmanuel Mayeza and Sultan Khan contributed a paper “Exploring the contribution(s) of sporting activities in promoting Positive Youth

Development (PYD) within a developing context of South Africa”. Nirmala Gopal and Steve Collings presented a paper on “They don’t really rape in Wentworth”: Subjectivities of violence among adolescent girls in a South African community. Goolam Vahed looked at “School sport: The missing dimension in the debate about sports transformation in post-apartheid South Africa”? Elias Cebekhulu explored “The challenge of youth unemployment in the ever changing world: A case study of Umsobomvu Youth Fund in South Africa”. “Child sexual violence (rape) in South Africa” was addressed by Shaka Yesufu. Sadhana Manik contributed on “Unwrapping the enigma around student teachers’ phase choice: The case of Indian student teachers at UKZN”. Smita Verma did an interesting paper on “Negotiating ‘Terrorism’ for ‘Identity’: Towards an Indian youth perspective”. Ashwin Desai’s paper “On the edge: Postapartheid youth in the Flatlands of Chatsworth”.



  1. Anand Singh • Definitional and Methodological Problems in Researching Youth Issues in Contested Terrains
  2. Shanta Balgobind Singh • “Drugs, Youth and Crime”: The South African Predicament
  3. Gerelene Jagganath • Youth Vulnerability in a Global World: Girls and ‘Sugars’ Addiction in Chatsworth, Durban
  4. Emmanuel Mayeza and Sultan Khan • Exploring the Contribution(s) of Sporting Activities in Promoting Positive Youth Development (PYD) within a Developing Context of South Africa
  5. Nirmala D. Gopal and Steven J. Collings • “They Don’t Really Rape in Wentworth”: Subjectivities of Violence among Adolescent Girls in a South African Community
  6. Goolam Vahed • School Sports: The Missing Dimension in the Debate about Sports Transformation in Democratic South Africa Since 1994
  7. Elias Cebekhulu • The Challenge of Youth Unemployment in the Ever Changing World: A Case Study of Umsobomvu Youth Fund in South Africa
  8. Shaka Yesufu • Child Sexual Violence (Rape) in South Africa
  9. Sadhana Manik • Unwrapping the Enigma around Student Teachers’ Phase Choice: The Case of Indian Student Teachers at a Higher Education Institution
  10. Smita Verma • Negotiating ‘Terrorism’ for ‘Identity’: Towards an Indian Youth Perspective
  11. Ashwin Desai • On the Edge: Post-Apartheid Youth in the Flatlands of Chatsworth


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