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LUCKSON M. KAINO (University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa)

2013 • Pages: 104 • Size: 180x240 •

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(Special Volume of Journal of Social Sciences No.13)


The 21st Century Trends in Higher Education: The South African Context, is the theme of this special issue. The issue consists of case studies that look into the strides and challenges faced in the process of improving higher education, capacity building and sustainability of the education system in South Africa. In South Africa like in many other African countries, the education system faces numerous challenges which include: lack of funding, access to education, governance, management, brain drain and many others (Akoojee, Nkomo, Mokubung, Chikoko, Pillay, Pithouse-Morgan, Morojele and Naicker). The articles in this special edition touch on various issues in the South Africa higher education system and it was not possible to cover all issues in a single journal. Though the articles refer to the South African context, the issues discussed in these articles reflect similar situations in most African countries.



  1. B. R. Mngomezulu and B.B. Ndlovu • The State of Racial Equity at South African
  2. Alfred H. Makura • Mitigating Graduate Unemployability through Student Academic Support at the University of Fort Hare
  3. Judah P. Makonye and Kim Ramatlapana • Structuration Effects on Women Pre-service Student Teachers’ Subject Choices
  4. Moyagabo Kate Malahlela and Regis Chireshe • Educators’ Perceptions of the Effects of Teenage Pregnancy on the Behaviour of the Learners in South African Secondary Schools: Implications for Teacher Training
  5. Sithabile Ntombela and Roshanthni Soobrayen • Access Challenges for Students with Disabilities at the University of KwaZulu-Natal: A Situational Analysis of the Edgewood Campus
  6. S. A. Ngubane-Mokiwa • Perceptions and Implications on Blindness at an Open Distance Learning Institution in South Africa
  7. Vitallis Chikoko, Daisy Pillay, Kathleen J Pithouse-Morgan, Pholoho Morojele, Inbanathan Naicker • "Early Childhood Education in South African Townshi" What Access? Lived Experiences of International Post-graduate Students from Africa Studying in a South African University
  8. Simangele Mkhwanazi • Teacher Professional Learning: An Analysis of Teachers’ Views on Their Professional Content Knowledge
  9. Luckson Muganyizi Kaino and Shadrack Moalosi • Teachers’ Mathematical Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Some Trends in Search of Adequate Knowledge for Effective Teaching
  10. Fhatuwani J. Mundalamo and Thomas D. T. Sedumedi • A Mutual Peer-To-Peer Assessment on Pre-Service Teaching Practicum

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