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DEEPAK KUMAR BEHERA (Sambalpur University, Sambalpur, Orissa, India)

1999 • Pages: 116 • Size: 180 × 240 mm •

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(Special Issue of Journal of Social Sciences - No. 3)

Open Ended Hist

This volume is primarily the outcome of a session on Public Images of Childhood, organized by Dr. Lucia Rabello de Castro and me for the Research Committee 53 "Sociology of Childhood" in the World Congress of Sociology, held in Montreal (Canada) during July/August 1998. It brings together a number of papers that aim at highlighting the place of childhood in different societies by looking at the images and social representations of children across various domains.


  1. Lucia Rebello De CastRo and Lucia Mello E Souza Lehmann (Brazil) • Childhood and Youth in the Flux of the City: Images, Impressions and Impostures
  2. Doris Bühler-Niederberger (Germany) • The Public Image of Children in Recent Electoral Campaigns
  3. Daniel Thomas Cook (USA) • The Visual Commoditization of Childhood: A Case Study of a Children’s Clothing Trade Journal, 1920s-1980s
  4. Jane Helleiner (Canada) • Images of Racialized Childhoods in Canadian Interwar Political Discourse
  5. Ashok K. Mohapatra (India) • The Politics of Childhood and Children’s Literature: A Critique
  6. Heinz Sünker (Germany) • Social Policy, Pedagogy and Children
  7. Beatrice Hungerland (Germany) • Childhood as a Product of Parental Time Management
  8. Marilena V. Corrêa and Maria Andrea Loyola (Brazil) • Medicalization of Reproduction: New Reproductive Technologies, Images of the Child and the Family Among a Group of Women from the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  9. Leila Maria Ferreira Salles (Brazil) • The Social Representation of the Adolescent and the Adolescence in the School Environment
  10. Aderinto Adeyinka Abideen (Nigeria) • The Girl-Child Situation in South Western Nigeria: As Assessment

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