Social Sciences


Antonella Invernizzi (University of Wales, Swansea, UK) and Brian Milne (Research Consultant, Swansea , UK)

2005 • Pages: 100 • Size: 180 × 240 mm •

ISBN 81-85264-41- 4 •Binding: Hard • Price: US$ 55/- Rs. 750/-

(Special Volume of Journal of Social Sciences - No. 9)

 Children Citizenship

In 1989 the UN adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Soon most nations had signed and ratified, making it the most successful human rights instrument ever. Since parts of that convention appear to bestow new rights of participation in civil society on children it was assumed that it also opened the door to children’s citizenship. This remains to be seen. Some questions arising are examined here: one might, for instance, ask when does a child become a citizen? One essay thus looks at premature babies’ rights. Other contributors examine policy, practice and theory in other domains and through the entire age range from birth to 18 years in order to shed light on what is at present becoming a cutting edge issue for social scientists examining the situation of children and their own active role in shaping and changing contemporary society.


  1. Antonella Invernizzi and Brian Milne • Children’s Citizenship: A New Discourse?
  2. Michael Wyness • Regulating Participation: The Possibilities and Limits of Children and Young People’s Councils
  3. Tom Cockburn • Children as Participative Citizens: A Radical Pluralist Case for ‘Child-Friendly’ Public Communication
  4. Brian Milne • Is ‘Participation’ as it is described by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) the Key to Children’s Citizenship?
  5. Jeremy Roche • Children, Citizenship and Human Rights
  6. Virginia Morrow • Social Capital, Community Cohesion and Participation in England: A Space for Children and Young People?
  7. Priscilla Alderson, Joanna Hawthorne and Margaret Killen • Are Premature Babies Citizens with Rights? Provision Rights and the Edges of Citizenship
  8. Antonella Invernizzi and Brian Milne • Conclusion: Some Elements of an Emergent Discourse on Children’s Right to Citizenship


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