Social Sciences


SADHANA MANIK (University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa)

2013 • Pages: 148 • Size: 180x240 • ISBN 81-85264-62-7 •

Binding: Hard • Price: US $ 30/- Rs. 750/-

(Special Volume of Journal of Social Sciences No.12)


This special edition of journal articles centers on assessment in education in the context of South Africa (SA) after 1994. The purpose of these articles is to provide readers with an understanding of selected educational discussions by academics on assessment in SA post- apartheid. A majority of the articles in this publication are derived from staff who are located in schools/faculties of education (in higher education institutions across South Africa) engaged in research focusing on assessment.



  1. Peter Beets • An Analysis of Education Assessment Policies in South Africa after 1994
  2. Jabulisile C. Ngwenya and Suriamurthee M. Maistry • Teaching and Assessment in Accounting: An Exploration of Teachers’ Experiences in a Rural KwaZulu-Natal School
  3. Shivani Maharajh • The Resistance Mode of Learning: The Potential for Resistance to New Policy Initiatives to Facilitate Teacher Learning
  4. Suriamurthee M. Maistry • Standardising Assessment in an Era of Curriculum Reform: The Case of High School Exit-Level Economics Examinations in South Africa
  5. Edith R. Dempster • Comparison of Exit-Level Examinations in Four African Countries
  6. Rachael Jesika Singh • Assessment in the Social Sciences: GIS Training and Assessment for Preservice Geography Teachers in a Rural University
  7. M. Combrinck and M. Hatch • Students’ Experiences of a Continuous Assessment Approach at a Higher Education Institution
  8. Sadhana Manik • Undergraduate Geography Students’ Views of Assessments and Academic Results: An Exploratory Study
  9. Mariëtte Koen • Students’ Perspectives of Assessment and Learning
  10. Suresh Kamar Singh • The Changing Nature of Assessment in Teacher Education
  11. P. (Labby) Ramrathan • Assessment within Postgraduate Teaching: Who or What is Being Assessed

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