Social Sciences


TOMOKO HAMADA (College of William and Marg, VA, USA)

1997 • Pages: 82 • Size: 180 × 240 mm •

Binding: Hard • Price: US $ 35/- Rs. 850/-

(Special Issue of Journal of Social Sciences - No. 1)


The volume collectively presents important anthropological perspectives that stress diversity of human knowledge systems and their inter-relationships. The articles also exemplify current research on human aspects of global environmental change research. This volume will stimulate fruitful discussion for environmental research and policy initiatives.



  1. Tomoko Hamada (USA) • Anthropological Dimensions of Global Change
  2. Marietta L. Baba (USA) • The Ecology of Intra- organizational Space
  3. Stefan Anderberg (Denmark) • Material flow Analysis and Sustainable Development
  4. Tomoko Hamda (USA) • Japanese Corporate Environ- mentalism and New Industrial Standard for Excellence
  5. Maj-Lis Foller (Sweden) • A Global Health Perspective on the Shipibo-Conibo in Eastern Peru
  6. Saraswati Raju (India) • Capturing Complexity: A Critical Rethinking on Ecofeminism and Gender
  7. F.C. De Beer (South Africa) • Values, Resources and Development: A Perspective from the Northern Province of South Africa
  8. A.J. Mwilawa, R.S. Kiduna and M.L. Kusekwa (Tanzania) • The Role and Potential of Trees, Shrubs, and Herbs Among the Pastoralists of Tanzania

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