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NEWMAN WADESANGO (Walter Sisulu University, East London, RSA) AND COSMAS MAPHOSA (University of Venda, South Africa)

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(Special Issue of International Journal of Educational Sciences - No. 1)


The new political dispensation in South Africa following the attainment of independence in 1994 sought to address imbalances in, among other issues, access to higher education. This has resulted in a growing diversity of students entering universities. Universities have been called to be responsive and better prepared to deal with student diversity. In line with this, many universities in South Africa have established teaching and learning centres whose mandate is to coordinate academic development for both students and staff.
    This issue on academic development in higher education has papers on five thematic frames namely students' academic development (6 articles), staff academic development (3 articles), scholarship of teaching and learning (2 papers), academic developers' roles and functions (2 papers) and e-learning (2 papers). There are six papers under students' academic development. The papers tackle various issues pertaining to students' academic development as advanced by scholars in the academic development field.
    Articles contained in this edition will promote debate and development of the relatively new field of academic development in the South African higher education landscape



  1. Nomakhaya Mashiyi • Towards Promoting a Responsive and Inclusive Tertiary Education System in South Africa through Multilingualism
  2. Cosmas Maphosa • Towards A Mainstream Curriculum Embedded Student Academic Development Programme in South African Universities
  3. T. D. Sikhwari • A Study of the Relationship between Motivation, Self-concept and Academic Achievement of Students at a University in Limpopo Province, South Africa
  4. Anniekie Ravhudzulo • Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Open and Distance Learning: A Mechanism to Facilitate Student Success
  5. Kimberley A. Porteus • Exploring Pedagogical Innovation in Core Curriculum Serving First Year Students
  6. Anass Bayaga and Newman Wadesango • Analysis of Students’ Attitudes on Mathematics Achievement- Factor Structure Approach
  7. Zwelijongile Gaylard Baleni • On-Line Discussion Forums: New Platforms to Supplement Face-to-Face Professional Development at a Comprehensive University
  8. Newman Wadesango • Publish or Perish: Impediments to Research Output and Publication
  9. Cosmas Maphosa and Ndileleni P. Mudzielwana • Professionalization of Teaching in Universities: A Compelling Case
  10. Cosmas Maphosa and Newman Wadesango • Interrogating the Role of Academic Developers in the Promotion of Scholarly Teaching and the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching
  11. Alfred H. Makura and Noluthando Toni • Managing the Link between Academic Development and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: The Case of South African Universities
  12. Cosmas Maphosa • Examining Cultural Factors Affecting Academic Developers in Performing Staff Development Functions in Three South African Universities
  13. Clever Ndebele • Deconstructing the Narratives of Educational Developers on the Enabling and Constraining Conditions in Their Growth, Development and Roles as Educational Staff Development Facilitators at a South African University
  14. Tabisa Mayisela • Assessing How E-learning Implementation has Enhanced the Lecturers’ Teaching Practices at a South African University
  15. S. Kigundu • Engaging e-Learning in Higher Education: Issues and Challenges

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