Volume 32                                                                    CONTENTS                                                                   2018

VOLUME 32, NUMBER 1-3                                                                                                          APRIL, MAY, JUNE 2018


B.B. Chitsamatanga, S. Rembe and J. Shumba Barriers to Research and Publication Efforts of Female Academics: A Case of Selected Universities in South Africa and Zimbabwe


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.2017

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Manisha Arya, V.K.Sachan, Rashmi Limbu, Pankaj Nautiyal and Gaurav Papnai Shumba   A Study on the Knowledge of Anganwadi Workers of Uttarkashi District in Uttarakhand about Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.2014

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M. Ravichandran and J. Indumath Influence of Socio-economic and Demographic Factors on Stress Perception and Attitude towards Self and Job: A Study with Reference to Women Health Care Professionals


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.2012

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Gulsah Tasci, and Seyfi Kenan From Paper to Practice: Heed the Voice of Students!


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.2009

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T. J. Mudau, M. Jabuli and D. Ncube An Investigation of the Challenges Faced by Students with Unemployed Parents at a Rural University


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.2005

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J. Mathwasa Pre-school Experiences and Formal School Readiness of Six-Year-Olds: The Stakeholders’ Views


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.2003

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J. Mathwasa and C. Maphosa Factors Hindering Men’s Capabilities to Actively Participate in the Early Social Development of Children: A Qualitative Approach


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.2000

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George Frederick Joubert and Rajendra Chetty  • The Benefits of a Gross Motor Development Program on the Lives of Rural Marginalized Multi-Grade Primary School Learners in the Western Cape


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.1952

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Li Taohong, Zhang Chao and Jiang Zhiyuan Informal Immigrants Adaptation Process in Canada:  An Anthropological Case Study by Tian Guang


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.1886

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Mehmet Altin The Effects of Extensive Interval and Continuous Run Trainings on Aerobic Anaerobic Power


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.1515

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Muhammed Kiziltunc and Murat Kaldirimci The Effect of Power Development Exercise during 6 Weeks on sICAM and E-Selectin Levels of Turkish National Young Male Boxing Team Athletes


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.1471

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Gabriel Adewunmi Eyinade and Celestine Ohi Akharume Farmers Attitude towards Organic Farming Practices:  A Concept of Sustainable Organic Farming Development in South Africa


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.2004

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Anand Singh and Sheetal Bhoola Durban’s Indian Cuisine: Origins, Popularity, and Prospects for Developing Culinary Tourism’


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.2002

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Emmanuel Tobi Adegoriolu, Ebenezer Ayodele Idowu and Akeem Adewale Oyelana  An Investigation of the Factors Contributing  to Proliferation of Churches


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.2010

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T. J. Mudau The Effects of Parents’ Incarceration on Children at Hlaneki Village in Greater Giyani Municipality


DOI : 10.31901/24566802.2018/32.1-3.2015

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