Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Sustainable Development:

Relevance for Africa

Emmanuel K. Boon and Luc Hens (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium)

2007   Pages: 264 Size: 180x240   ISBN 81-85264-44-9 Binding: Hard   Price: US $ 75/- Rs. 1450/-

(Tribes and Tribals Special Volume No. 1)

CONTENTS: Part One: Introduction and Key Issues; Part Two: Sectoral Case Studies; Part Three: African Sub-Regional Case Studies; Part Four: International Case Studies

Health and Nutritional Problems of Indigenous Populations

Kaushik  Bose (Vidyasagar University, Midnapore, India)

2008  Pages: 124 Size: 180x240   ISBN 81-85264-48-1 Binding: Hard   Price: US $ 55/-Rs. 750/-

 (Tribes and Tribals Special Volume No. 2)

Contents: Special Issue attempts to highlight some of the health and nutritional problems of tribal populations and is divided into two sections.  The first section deals with Health and Health Care while the second section highlights Problems Dealing with Ecology, Growth and Nutrition.

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