VOLUME 36                                               CONTENTS                                                       2013

VOLUME 36, Number 1                                                                                                                           July  2013 


Nosiphiwo Mandoyi, Mamokhosi Choane and Chitja Twala • The Role of the International Multidimensional Peacekeeping Missions in Africa: A Case of Darfur (Sudan)


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.01.01

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Mokgadi Agnes Ursula Mohlakwana • Care and Support for Vulnerable Children in Schools: The Case of Child-headed Families


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.01.02

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T.A. Mapotse and M.T. Gumbo • Identifying Grade 8 and 9 Technology Teachers’ Areas of Need for Intervention in Limpopo Province


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.01.03

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Chiome Chrispen and Tabitha Grace Mukeredz • Learning Organisation Concepts in Open and Distance Learning University: Their Application in Fluid Times of Discontinuity and Uncertainty


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.01.04

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Johannes L. van der Walt, Ferdinand J. Potgieter, Bram de Muynck and Charl C. Wolhuter • Towards A Typology of Sources of Inspiration of Student Teachers


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.01.05

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Emily Ganga and M. C. Maphalala • Cognitive Learning: A Life-line Challenge for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Child-headed Households


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.01.06

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J.E. (Elsa) Fourie • Early Childhood Education in South African Townships: Academics Accepting the Challenge to Empower Early Childhood Development Practitioners


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.01.07

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Vimbi P. Mahlangu and Victor J. Pitsoe • The Changing Landscape in the Conditions of Service for Teachers in South Africa


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.01.08

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Kwabena A. Kyei and Mpho Ramagoma • Alcohol Consumption in South African Universities: Prevalence and Factors at the University of Venda, Limpopo Province


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.01.09

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A.T. Muruviwa F.H. Nekhwevha and K.D. Ige • Critical Challenges to the Livelihood Options of the Aged in Rural Zimbabwe: Evidence from Mubaira


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.01.10

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Mabatho Sedibe • Exploring Life Orientation Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding Teaching of Recreation and Physical Well-being


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.01.11

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VOLUME 36, Number 2                                                                                                                             AUGUST  2013 


Clever Ndebele New Staff Perceptions on an Academic Staff Induction Programme  at a South African University: Lessons for Educational Development


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.01

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C. Maphosa, J. Zikhali, E. Chauraya and D. Madzanire Students’ Perceptions of the Utility of Pedagogical Approaches Used  by Lecturers in Selected Faculties at a Zimbabwean University


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.02

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Nande C. K. Neeta and Ernest K. Klu Where Is the Wisdom We Have Lost in Knowledge?


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.03

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Angeline Setlhako and Vuyisile Msila The Impact of Change and Evaluation on Educational Reforms: A South African Case Study


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.04

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Chux Gervase Iwu The Complexities of Demographic Properties, Personality Differences and Incentives: A Review of Literature


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.05

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Maheshvari Naidu and Nokwanda Nzuza When God Beckons: Stories of the ‘Call’  in a Pentecostal Church


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.06

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Ntungufhadzeni P. Mutele and Kola O. Odeku The Role of an Instructor in Managing Orientation and Mobility of Students with Visual Impairments at the  University of Limpopo, South Africa


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.07

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Martha Harunavamwe, Herbert Kanengoni and  Tasara Mazorodze An Investigation on the Middle Managers’ Attitudes towards Organisational Change within the Automotive Industry


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.08

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Geoff  A. Goldman Refections on Capitalism: Insights from Modern Music


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.09

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Albert T. Akume and  Yahaya M. Abdullahi Challenges and Prospects of Effective Industrial Conflict Resolution in Nigeria


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.10

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Vuyisile Msila and Oupa Lebeloan The National Department of Education (DoE) and Higher Education’s Efforts to Empower School Managers in South Africa: Lessons from the ACE-SML Programme’s Pilot Group


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.11

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F. Guevara-Hernández, L. Rodríguez-Larramendi, H. Gómez-Castro, M. La O-Arias, R. Pinto-Ruiz, Brenda López-Castro  and J. Nahed-Toral Perceptions on Sustainable Livestock Training in the Biosphere Reserve La Sepultura, Chiapas, Mexico


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.12

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Mohammad Waheeb, Raed AlGhazawi  and AbdAziz Mahmoud   Bethany Beyond the Jordan Site of Jesus Baptism:  A Threatened Site


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.13

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A. A. Falaki,  J. A. Akangbe and  O. E. Ayinde Analysis of Climate Change and Rural Farmers’ Perception in North Central Nigeria


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.14

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Kola O. Odeku The Use of Renewable Energy to Promote Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in the Remote Isolated Rural Areas


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.15

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Ilker Ugulu Development and Validation of an Instrument to Measure University Students’ Attitudes toward Traditional Knowledge


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.16

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Soma Kalia and  Mahalakshmi V. Reddy Design Solutions for Orthopedically Challenged in Higher Education Institutions


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.17

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Mago W. Maila and Johannes Seroto Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Sustainable Development  in Higher Education


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.18

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Shamola Pramjeeth  and Vaneshree Naidu Comparative Analysis of Market Acceptance of  Carton Packaged Bottled Water


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.19

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Sunita Dixit  and Shahnaz Jahan  Effect of Enzymes and Swelling Agents on Colour Strength (K/S) Property  of Khadi Cotton Fabric Dyed With Sandalwood Dye: An Eco-friendly Approach


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.20

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Purva Jaggi, Rupa Bakhshi and Pushpinder Sandhu An Analytic Study into Indoor Climate of the Girls’ Colleges


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.21

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S. I. Oni and K. R. Okanlawon Vulnerability and Environmental Security: Assessing the Impact of Disasters on a Community


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.02.22

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VOLUME 36, Number 3                                                                                                           SEPTEMBER  2013 


Corinne Meier Learning to Live Together: Cross-cultural Perceptions of Student Teachers


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.03.01

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Stephanus Gert Pretorius  Teacher Effectiveness in the South African Context: First Steps towards a Comprehensive Definition


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.03.02

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Rein Coetzee, Jan Visagie and Wilfred Ukpere A Proposed Leadership Competency Model for Effective Organizational Change Intervention


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.03.03

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Vijay Hamlall  Constructing Peaceful Masculinities in the Face of Conflict among High School Boys


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.03.04

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Patrick Dzimiri Exploring the Nexus between Geopolitics and Intervention for Human Protection Purposes: Lessons from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Responses to the Humanitarian Crisis in Zimbabwe


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.03.05

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Demessew Alemu Woldetsadik and Mutendwahothe Walter Lumadi An Ethiopian Paradigm of Apprenticeship Training Colleges  and Enterprises: Curriculum Practice


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.03.06

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Roger B. Mason Complexity Theory and Leadership for Turbulent Environments


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.03.07

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Victor J.  Pitsoe Teacher Attrition in South Africa:  Trends, Challenges and Prospects


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.03.08

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H. P. Motlalekgosi, D. M. Mello and E. E. Obioha • Analysis of the Training Material Utilized for Management Development Programme (MDP) in the Development  of an Ideal Correctional Official in South African  Correctional Services System


DOI: 10.31901/24566756.2013/36.03.09

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