© Kamla-Raj 2004                                                                                   J. Soc. Sci., 9(2): 145-148 (2004)



Human Resource Development and Effective Instruction in

Primary and Secondary Education in Nigeria


Babatunde Olaoye-Williams


Social Studies Department, College of Education,Warri, Delta State, Nigeria


KEYWORDS Education; policy; environment; workshops; nations


ABSTRACT The paper harped on problems hampering education from the perspective of human resource development through teacher quality. It emphasised on optimal human resource development as vital in realisation of National Objectives, since development of human skills is vital and fundamental to National development, evident in provisions in such regard in Nigeria’s National Policy on Education. It identified problems such as shortcomings of teacher quality and adequacy exemplified in lack of specialisation, low teacher and high pupil ratio, influx of non-professional and other constraints such as gender streamlining; non-conducive teaching – learning environment; unfavourable attitudinal disposition, lack of constant improvement in-service programmes and factor of adequate remuneration. It recommends the need for premium on education, proper funding of education, enhanced strict specialisation; commensurate remuneration, constant workshops, and creating conducive teaching – learning environment. Such were pointed as hallmark of developed and developing countries of relevance in comity of Nations today.


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