© Kamla-Raj 2004                                                                                       J. Soc. Sci., 9(2): 91-93  (2004)



Problems Encountered While Dressing and Undressing by

Persons with Upper Amputated Limb


N. Pruthi, P. Seetharaman and Chanchal


Department of Clothing & Textiles, CCS Haryana Agricultural University,

Hisar 125 004, Haryana, India

Telephone: 01662-244459; Email: akpruthi@hau.nic.in


KEYWORDS Disabled; functional garments; problems; clothing


ABSTRACT Thirty respondents (29 men and one women) with upper amputated limbs were interviewed and observed to identify their problems while dressing and undressing.  The problems encountered by them while dressing/undressing were: fastening/unfastening of placket and cuffs, tucking of shirt, sleeves of amputated side keep hanging if prosthesis not used, inconvenient to use front pocket of left side by right limb amputee, setting lower garments at waist, fastening of pants’ belt fly’s zipper, tying/untying of string and setting of dhoti.  The problems encountered by women are fastening/unfastening of fasteners, setting of lower garments at waist, tying/untying of string and setting of saree.


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