© Kamla-Raj 2004                                                                                  J. Soc. Sci., 8(3): 227-236 (2004)



Using Transportation Control Measures and Economic

Instruments to Reduce Air Pollution

Due to Automobile Emissions


Christopher O. Orubu


Department of Economics, Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria

E-mail: corubu@yahoo.com


Keywords Automobile pollution; control measures


ABSTRACT Pollution is identified as one inevitable consequence of manís economic activities, and mobile transportation is one of its major sources. The paper examines the problem of pollution due to mobile transportation sources, taking Nigeria as a case. Inferences based on statistics available for Lagos and Niger Delta areas indicate relatively high pollution potentials, with several pollutant concentrations in excess of FEPA standards. The author suggests a proactive policy, using a combination of transportation control measures (TCMs) and economic instruments (EIs) to address the problem.


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