Kamla-Raj 2004                                                                                  J. Soc. Sci., 8(3): 197-202 (2004)


A Readership Survey of Yoruba Newspapers  for

Development Messages


Abiodun Salawu


Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos, Nigeria

E-mail: salawuabiodun@yahoo.com


keywords Adopted; coverages; attitude; perception; education


ABSTRACT The essence of the paper is the readership survey of Yoruba Newspapers, particularly for development messages. In concise terms, the paper addressed the issue of the extent of readership of Yoruba newspapers; the variables of the readers of the newspapers; and the coverage of development messages in the newspapers. The study adopted the survey research method. The study population was made of civil servants in the Oyo State Government Secretariat, Ibadan. The sampling procedure adopted was systematic sampling while the study instrument was a self-administered questionnaire. Among other things, the study revealed that respondents have a positive perception and attitude to Yoruba Newspapers. Two hundred and twenty-seven (or 63.1%) of the respondents read Yoruba newspapers while only a few of the respondents (29.5%) read them regularly. There is a statistically significant relationship between education and readership of the newspapers with the significance level put at .0338. A good number of the respondents 191 or 57.4% of those who responded to the particular question said they read development messages in the newspapers. The study concluded by highlighting the importance of communication to development. It, therefore, advocated that if indigenous language newspapers, going by their perceived potentials for informing and mobilizing people for development efforts must survive, then they must be given a chance.


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