© Kamla-Raj 2004                                                                                        J. Soc. Sci., 8(1): 13-21  (2004)



An Appraisal of the Two Faces of Bureaucracy in Relation

to the Nigerian Society


M. A. O. Aluko1 and A.A. Adesopo2


1. Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Obafemi Awolowo University,

Ile-ife, Nigeria

E-mail: maoaluko@oauife.edu.ng, maoaluko@yahoo.com

2. Department of Public Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University,

Ile Ife, Nigeria

E-mail: aadesopo@yahoo.com


KeyWords Function; organizational efficiency; modern society; reform        


Abstract This paper is an evaluation of the two faces of bureaucracy. The point of focus is on whether bureaucracy is desirable or not. The discussions in the paper shows that there is no rose without its thorns as bureaucracy is characterized by both functions and dysfunctions. While bureaucracy provides greater organizational efficiency in work settings, it is at the same time creating an uncaring “iron cage” from which there is little escape in modern society. The paper concluded with the thesis that it may be impossible to dismantle bureaucracy, but it is important to reform it.


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