Volume 10                                                  CONTENTS                                                         2018

VOLUME 10, Number 1                                                                                                            JULY  2018




Nitish Mondal, Sima Dey and Jaydip Sen Association of Maternal Age, Pregnancy Order and Seasonal Variations in Low Birth Weight (LBW) in West Bengal, India


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.01.221

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Asma Mamun, Himangshu Karmaker, Rezaul Karim, Nurul Islam and Golam Hossain Prevalence and Factors Associated of Cigarette Smoking Behavior among University Male Students in Bangladesh: Survey in Rajshahi University


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.01.211

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Jyotismita Sharma and Nitish Mondal Physical Growth and Body Composition Assessment among Rural Adolescent Girls (10-16 Years) of Karbi Anglong, Assam, Northeast India


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.01.209

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Sampriti Debnath, Nitish Mondal and Jaydip Sen Socio-economic and Demographic Correlates of Stunting and Thinness among Rural School-going Children (Aged 5-12 Years) of North Bengal, Eastern India


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.01.207

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Astha Dwivedi, Sharmistha Singh and Poonam Chandra Mittal Combining Metal Chelator and Antioxidant Improves Amelioration of Induced Lipid Peroxidation in the Human Erythrocyte Membrane


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.01.201

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Mahua Samanta and Sovanjan Sarkar Knowledge and Belief about HIV/AIDS among the Higher Secondary Standard Schoolgirls of Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, India


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.01.194

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Huidrom Suraj Singh, Salam Kabita, Subal Das, Sanjenbam Yaiphaba Meitei and Kallur Nava Saraswathy Alcohol Consumption Patterns and Blood Pressure:  A Study among Meiteis of Manipur, India


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.01.191

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Kuntal Gupta, Kuntal Biswas and Tusharkanti Ghosh The Birth Weight of Newborn Babies in Kolkata is Associated with the Socio-economic Status and Nutritional Status of Mothers


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.01.188

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Chitradip Bhattacherjee and Subir Biswas Gender Equity in Nutritional Status:  A Study among Muslim and Hindu Children (0-6 Years) of North 24 Parganas District of India


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.01.186

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Sanjana Das and Subir Biswas Incidence of Red-Green Colour Blindness among the Vehicle Drivers of Habra, West Bengal


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.01.187

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VOLUME 10, Number 2                                                                                           DECEMBER  2018


Elham A. El Zayyat, Noha A. Elleboudy, Azza A. Mostafa and Asmaa M. Ammar Biological and Morphological Changes in Culex Pipiens after Rose Water Exposure


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.02.213

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Mihir Ghosh and Kaushik Bose Relationship between Anthropometric Measures and Body Composition Parameters in Adult Brick Kiln Workers of Murshidabad District, West Bengal


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.02.230

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Nandini Vaz Fernandes Genotoxicity Studies of Heavy Metals by Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis (SCGE) in Two Fish Species Puntius Narayani and Rasbora Daniconius


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.02.220

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Sharmistha Singh, Astha Dwivedi and Poonam Chandra Mittal Anisocytosis is Associated with High Body Mass Index and Poor Adaptation to Oxidative Stress in Obese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.02.232

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S. Banerjee, S. Roy, C.S. Biswas, M. Pal, S. Bharati and P. Bharati A Comparative Study of Food Consumption and Nutritional Status of Women in West Bengal


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2018/10.02.229

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