Volume 4                                                 CONTENTS                                                            2012

VOLUME 4, Number 1                                                                                                                                       JULY  2012




A. Das Gupta, Arindom Banerjee, Anil Kumar, Sambasiva R. Rao and Josna Jose • Discriminant Function Analysis of Mastoid Measurements in Sex Determination


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.01.01

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S. V. Kuchewar, R. D. Meshram and S. J. Gadge • Demographic Study and Medico-legal Aspect of Fatal Road Traffic Accident in Aurangabad


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.01.02

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Mervat I. Foda, S. M. Kholif, Sahar H. S. Mohamed and T. A. Morsy • Evaluation of Ground Flaxseed Supplementation to Lactating Buffaloes Ration versus Control Milk Samples for milk and Stirred Yoghurt Production


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.01.03

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M. Abd El-Aziz, S.M. Kholif and T.A. Morsy • Buffalo’s Milk Composition and Its Fat Properties as Affected by Feeding Diet Supplemented with Flaxseed or Fibrolytic Enzymes in Early Lactation


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.01.04

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S.M. Kholif, T.A. Morsy, M.M. Abdo, O.H. Matloup and A.A. Abu El-Ella  • Effect of Supplementing Lactating Goats Rations with Garlic, Cinnamon or Ginger Oils on Milk Yield, Milk Composition and Milk Fatty Acids Profile


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.01.05

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Sanjay Kalbande and T Anitha • Monitoring of Blood Pressure of Children of Hypertensive Parents in their Early Ages Reduces the Risk of Having Cardiovascular Diseases in Future: A Study Conducted on Adolescents


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.01.06

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Takkallapalli Anita, Sanjay Kalbande, Krishnamurthy Asha, Dattatray Dombe and Neelee Jayasree • A Unique Variation of Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Muscle and Its Clinical Significance


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.01.07

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A. Padmini, Ravi Babu and N. Pratibha • Genetic and Epidemiological Risk Factors in the Etiology of Arthritides


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.01.08

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Mrudula Spurthi Kondapalli, Rajesh Kumar Galimudi, Srilatha.G, Sanjib Kumar Sahu and Surekha Rani Hanumanth • Matrix Metalloproteinases in Coronary Artery Disease: A Review


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.01.09

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Gargi Dangre-Mudey, Neelima S. Tankhiwale and R. P. Fule • Multidrug Resistance and Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase Production in Klebsiella Species Isolated From Cases of Neonatal Septicaemia


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.01.10

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Rajni Goyal, Promila Mehta and Ginjinder Kaur • Nutritional Status and Menarche in Adolescents of Punjab


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.01.11

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Kavita Sahni and Chandra Prabha • Comparative Efficacy of Zinc Phosphide and Bromadiolone Against Rats in Houses


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.01.12

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VOLUME 4, Number 2                                                                                                                        DECEMBER  2012


Ruby Siwach • Pectin Methylesterase Inactivation in Mosambi Juice


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.02.01

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S. Shajithanoop, Tamilselvi Periyasamy and M. V. Usha Rani • Demographic Variations Influence Obesity in a Semi-urban Cohort of Tamil Nadu, South India


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.02.02

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Alice Muchugi, Roland Kindt, Geoffrey M. Muluvi, Edward Muge, Hillary Kipruto and Ramni H. Jamnadass • Genetic Variation of Kenyan Populations of Warburgia ugandensis, an Important East African Highlands Medicinal Tree Species


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.02.03

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K. K. Reddy,  K. S. N. Reddy,  A. Papa Rao,  J. Lalu Naik and  D. Anwar Basha • Association of Anthropometric Parameters with Blood Pressure in Urban Adult Females of Andhra Pradesh .


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.02.04

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Camille Gilliers, Guy Claireaux, Robert Galois, Vιronique Loizeau and Olivier Le Pape  • Influence of Hydrocarbons Exposure on Survival, Growth and Condition of Juvenile Flatfish: A Mesocosm Experiment


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.02.05

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Piyali Sengupta, Sujaya De, Amitava Pal, Payel Maity, Monalisha Banerjee and Prakash C. Dhara • Variation of Range of Joint Motion in Bengalee (Indian) Healthy Adult Subjects


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.02.06

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Renuka Meti,  Apparao G. Bujurke and G. Saraswathi • Impact of Carbohydrate Supplementation on Physical and Field Performance of High School Female Kho-kho Players


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.02.07

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Vaishali Paranjape, P. Vatsala Swamy and Abhay Mudey • Variant Median and Absent Musculocutaneous Nerve


DOI : 10.31901/24566306.2012/04.02.08

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