Volume 56                                   CONTENTS                                  2016

VOLUME 56, NUMBER 1, 2                                                                           OCTOBER, NOVEMBER 2016




Public Health and Food Security


C.N. Ateba, M. Mwanza, N. Lubanza, M.F. Adegboye and A. Kumar

(Guest Editors)




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Vincentia Tshenolo Mbaba and Collins Njie Ateba Detection of Penicillin Binding Protein 2a (PBP2a) in Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Milk Using Serological Assays


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.01

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Daphney P. Shandukani, Namathamsaqua P. Sithebe and Collins N. Ateba Induction of Shiga Toxins in Escherichia coli O157:H7 Isolated from Groundwater in the North West Province, South Africa Intended for Human Consumption Using Ampicillin and Tetracycline


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.02

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Kaemogetso Makhubalo, Madira Manganyi, Ajay Kumar, Moses Mbewe and Collins N. Ateba • Phenotypic and Genetic Characterization of Sorbitol-Fermenting Escherichia coli O157:H7 Isolated from Retail Beef and Mince Beef


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.03

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Mobolaji Felicia Adegboye and Olubukola Oluranti Babalola Isolation and Identification of Potential Antibiotic Producing Rare Actinomycetes from Rhizospheric Soils


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.04

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Caroline F. Ajilogba and Olubukola O. Babalola RAPD Profiling of Bacillus spp with PGPR Potential and Their Effects on Mineral Composition of Tomatoes


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.05

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Bukola Rhoda Aremu, Abiodun Olusola Omotayo and Olubukola Oluranti Babalola  Biotechnology in Agriculture:  Risks and Opportunities for the Rural Poor in Semi-Arid-Tropics


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.06

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Mokoboki Kwena, Sebola Nthabiseng and Makgobatlou Grace Chemical Evaluation of South African Prickly Pear Cladodes Varieties as Fodder for Ruminants Grown in Mara ADC, South Africa


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.07

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Lufuno Makhado and Mashudu Davhana-Maselesele • Conceptual Model: Psychosocial Implications of Caring for People Living with HIV among Nurses


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.08

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Karabo Mohatla, Kwena Mokoboki, Nthabiseng Sebola and Mashilo Jacob Chemical Composition and Dry Matter Yield of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculate L Walp) Haulms as Fodder for Ruminants


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.09

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Afees Babatunde Adeniyi, Adebola Saidat Daud, Olufunmilola Amao and  Abiodun Olusola Omotayo Determinants of Rural Women’s Livelihood in Ibarapa North Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.10

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Enioluwa Ijatuyi Analysis of Information Sources Used By Fish Farmers in Ife Central


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.11

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Abiodun Olusola Omotayo Economic Synergy between Rural Off-farm Income and Households’ Poverty in Ekiti State, Nigeria


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.12

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Muibat Omolara Ganiyu  and Abiodun Olusola  Omotayo • Effects of Livelihood Activities on the Households’  Food Security in the Ogbomoso South Local Government  Area of Oyo State, Nigeria


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.13

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Lubanza Ngoma, Lukusa Kambulu and Mulunda Mwanz Factors Influencing Goat’s Semen Fertility and Storage: A Literature Review


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.14

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Abiodun-Olusola-Omotayo Malaria Treatment and Farming Households’ Income Poverty in Lagos State, Nigeria


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.15

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Oluwadara Pelumi Alamu, Olusola A. Adeeyo and Olubukola Oluranti Babalola Effect of Aqueous Extracts of Mangifera indica linn. on the Testes of Adult Male Wistar Rats


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.16

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M. S. Tsheole, V. Mlambo and M. Mwanza A Survey of Production Systems, Management and Marketing Strategies for Tswana Goats in Semiarid Areas around Mafikeng, North West Province


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.17

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Tafadzwa Marara and L.G. Palamuleni • Assessing the Application of the Water institution in the Wonderfonteinspruit Catchment South Africa


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.18

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Keitiretse Molefe, Mpho Tsheole, Lubanza Ngoma and Mulunda Mwanza Determination of Factors That Influence Reproductive Conditions in Cows in the Rural Farms of the Ngaka  Modiri Molema District of the North West Province


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.19

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Mulunda Mwanza, Zama Mpendulo Dlamini and Taole Ramaili Prevalent Bovine Internal Parasites Using Different Techniques in Communal Farms around Mafikeng


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.20

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D. Luseba, N. Putuka, D. Katerere and M. Mwanza Evaluation of Repellent Properties of Some Plants Used in Venda and Tsonga Ethnoveterinary Medicine


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.21

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Abiodun Olusola Omotayo, Bukola Rhoda Aremu and Oluwadara Pelumi Alamu Food Utilization, Nutrition, Health and Farming Households’ Income: A Critical Review of Literature


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.22

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Mwanza Mulunda • Determination and Quantification of Aflatoxin M1 in Fresh Milk Samples Obtained in Goats and Cattle in Selected Rural Areas of the Limpopo Province, South Africa


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.23

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Ramatla Tsepo, Lubanza Ngoma, Mulunda Mwanza and Rendani Ndou Prevalence and Antibiotic Resistance of Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Beef Carcasses at Abattoirs in North West Province


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.24

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Abiodun Olusola Omotayo and Adefemi Joana Oladej Profitability of Cassava-based Production Systems


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.25

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M. Omotola Fashola, K. O. Amisu, S. AbiodunThanni  and O. Olubukola Babalola Antibiotic Sensitivity Patterns of Bacterial Pathogens  Associated with Urinary Tract Infections in Three  General Hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.26

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Zodwa Margaret Manyisa The Current Status of Working Conditions in Public Hospitals at a Selected Province, South Africa:  Part 1


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.27

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Zodwa Margaret Manyisa The Current Status of Working Conditions in Public Hospitals at a Selected Province, South Africa: Part 2


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.1-2.28

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VOLUME 56, NUMBER 3                                                                                                    DECEMBER 2016


Mbambo William Bongile, D.R. Thakhathi and Akeem Adewale Oyelana An Investigation into Service Delivery Provided by the Amathole District Municipality (ADM) in the Eastern Cape of South Africa


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.01

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Ncube Ntombizehlile and Pius T. Tanga The Complexities of Food (in) Security in   Amathole Municipality, South Africa


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.02

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Sunday B. Adeyemi and Moses A. Awolere • Effects of Experiential and Generative Learning Strategies on Students’ Academic Achievement in Environmental Concepts


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.03

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Ivan G. Govender Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity Development of Municipalities in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.04

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P. Maponya, S.L. Venter, C. P. Du Plooy, S. D. Modise and E. Van Den Heever Training Challenges Faced by Smallholder Farmers:  A Case of Mopani District, Limpopo Province in South Africa


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.05

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Sizwe Mtengu and Paul Green Forestry Stewardship Council in Relation to Market Accessibility by Small Scale Timber Growers: A Case in KwaZulu-Natal


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.06

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S.A. Mulovhedzi, N.P. Mudzielwana and R.M. Makhwathana Role of Active Play in the Development of Children Physical Well-being in Foundation Phase


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.07

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N. P. Mudzielwana, S.A. Mulovhedzi and R.M. Makhwathana • Tell or Read: Adult Role to Promote Health and Literacy in Children


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.08

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Enioluwa Jonathan Ijatuyi, Oluremi Adenike Abiolu   and Olumuyiwa Akin Olaniyi Information Needs of Fish Farmers in Osun-State, Nigeria


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.09

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J.G. Kheswa and A. Shwempe Exploring Resilience among Adolescent Females with History of Child Sexual Abuse in Alice, Eastern Cape: A Qualitative Study


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.10

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Ashish Alex, K. Vidyasagaran and S. Gopakumar Analyzing the Cultural Utilities of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP’s) among the Tribes of Western Attappady in Kerala


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.11

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Leocadia Zhou, Melusi Sibanda, Lovemore Musemwa, Simbarashe Ndhleve Vulnerability to Climate Change Related Disasters in the  Eastern Cape Province: An Application of the Household Vulnerability Index (HVI)


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.12

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Tatenda Manomano and S. M. Kang’ethe • Validating the Psycho-social Challenges Associated with the Current RDP Houses: The Case of Golf Course 2011-2013 Study, Eastern Cape


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.13

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Elvin Shava and Dovhani Reckson Thakhathi Challenges in the Implementation of Community Development Projects in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa


DOI: 10.31901/24566608.2016/56.03.14

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