G. AINSWORTH HARRISON (University of Oxford, U.K.)

1991 " Pages: 104 " Size: 180 Χ 240 mm " ISBN 81-85264-04-X " Binding: Hard"

Price: US $ 25/- Rs.450/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No.1)

Contents: G. Ainsworth Harrison: Introduction "David Coleman: Population Growth-Ecological Success or Development Handicap? " C.A. Weitz, A. Basu,R. Gupta and I.G. Pawson: Demographic Changes and Modernisation Among The Sherpas of Nepal in an Ecological Context " Paul T. Baker: Human Adaptation Theory: Successes, Failures and Prospects " G.A. Harrison and G. Brush: Environmental Quality as Expressed in Child Growth " Igor De Garine: Ecological Success in Prespective " Karen K. Gual and R. Brooke Thomas: Indigenous Perspectives: Ecology, Economy and Ethics " Stephen V. Boyden: Facing up to Ecological Realities: A Biohistorical Perspective " Index "


JOHN R. LUKACS (University of Oregon Eugene, U.S.A.)

With a Foreword by: Albert A. Dahlberg

1992 " Pages: 320 + 24 " Plates " Size: 180 Χ 240 mm " ISBN 81-85264-06-6 " Binding: Hard"

Price: US $ 75/- Rs. 1450/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No.2)

Contents: Part I: Growth and Development of the Dentition " Part II: Dental Pathology: Past and Present " Part III: Odontometric Variation: Asymmetry and Evolution " Part IV: Patterns of Dental Attrition " Part V: Morphometric Dental Variation: Population Comparisons "


VEENA BHASIN (University of Delhi, Delhi, India)

1994 " Pages: 350 " Size: 180 Χ 240 mm " ISBN 81-85264-10-4 " Binding: Hard"

Price: US $ 75/- Rs. 1450/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No.3)

Contents: Part I: Habitat, Habitation and Health " Part II: Biological Traits and Diseases " Part III: Haemo- globinopathies and Enzyme Deficiency " Part IV: Consanguinity and Its Effects "


NAPOLEON WOLANSKI (Centre for Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies, CINVESTAV, Merida, Mexico, Institute of Ecology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland) and

Barry Bogin (University of Michigan, Michigan, U.S.A.)

1996 " Pages: 203 " Size: 180 Χ 240 mm " ISBN 81-85264-13-9 " Binding: Hard "

Price: US $ 65/- Rs. 950/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 4)

Contents: Part I: The Place of the Family in Nature and Human Society " Part II: The Family in Historical and Cultural Perspective " Part III: The Family in Transition in the Contemporary World " Part IV: The Family as an Environment for Human Growth Development and Education "


M.K. BHASIN AND VEENA BHASIN (University of Delhi, Delhi, India)

1996 " Pages: 200 " Size: 230 Χ 290 mm " ISBN 81-85264-14-7 " Binding: Hard "

Price: US $ 65/- Rs. 950/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 5)

Contents: Schedules-General Information, Village, Household, Biological Variables "Genetic Variables" Coding and Analysis of Data " Statistical Methods " Population Study: Measures " Glossary "


K.C. MAHANTA (Dubrugarh University, Dubrugarh, Assam, India)

1997 " Pages: 356 " Size: 180 Χ 240 mm " ISBN 81-85264-18-X " Binding: Hard "

Price: US $ 75/- Rs. 1450/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 6)

Contents: I: Ecology and Environment: Concepts " II: Geo-environmental Problems " III: Biodiversity and Eco-Development " IV: Eco-Historical Perspective " V: Culture: Life Ways and Material Components " VI: Change and Effect "


M.K. BHASIN AND VEENA BHASIN (University of Delhi, Delhi, India)

1999 " Pages: 360 " Size: 180 Χ 240 mm " ISBN 81-25264-22-8 " Binding: Hard "

Price: US $ 75/- Rs. 1450/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No.7)

Contents: I. Introduction " II. Eco-system: Management and Impact " III. Ecology and Health " IV. Ecology and Development " V. Ecology and Education " VI. Ecology and Society "


ANNA SINIARSKA AND NAPOLEON WOLANSKI (Centre for Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies, CINVESTAV, Merida, Mexico, Institute of Ecology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland)

2000 " Pages: 220 " Size: 180 Χ 240 mm " ISBN 81-85264-23-6 " Binding: Hard "

Price: US $ 65/- Rs. 950/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No.8)

Contents: I. Introductory Part I Theory of Ageing " II: Ecological Factors of Aging " III: Environmental Factors in Aging of Structures and Functions " IV: Patterns of Studies on Ecology of Aging "


M.K.BHASIN AND VEENA BHASIN (University of Delhi, Delhi, India)

2000 " Pages: 320 " Size: 180 Χ 240 mm " Binding: Hard " ISBN 81-85264-25-2 "

Price: US $ 75/- Rs. 1450/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No.9)

Contents: I. An Overview " II. Environment in the Perspective of Past " III. Ecological Adaptation " IV. Ecological Biology " V. Ecology and Culture


VEENA BHASIN, VINAY K. SRIVASTAVA AND M.K. BHASIN (University of Delhi, Delhi, India)

2001• Pages: 270 • Size: 180 ΄ 240 mm • ISBN 81-85264-28-7 • Binding: Hard •

Price: US$ 75/- Rs. 1450/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 10)

This volume brings together the contribution of certain internationally known scholars to human ecology. Each of these scholars has made a significant and lasting contribution to the understanding of the relationship between human beings and environment, and their work have implications for theoretical as well as applied interests. Looking at the range of the contributions in this volume, we may submit that the field of human ecology is truly multi-disciplinary, and that is the way in which human ecology has to be approached. The volume has twenty two papers that are classified into the following seven units.

I. Perspectives on Human Ecology, II. Ecology and Health, IV. Ecology and Human Growth, IV. Ecology and Resources, V. Ecology and Biological Dimensions, VI. Ecology, Archaeological Finds and History, VII. Ecology, Diaster and Global change.


Robert J. Gregory (Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand)

2003 •  Pages: 112 •  Size: 180x240 • ISBN 81-85264-32-5  •  Binding: Hard  • 

Price: US$ 55/- Rs. 750/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No.11)

Those who work with ecological perspectives often choose and use human communities as convenient locales for both research and practice.  Too, individuals and groupings within a community do communicate and relate with each other in bounded or circumscribed contexts, thus interlock together and influence each other as well as their surrounding physical and political environment.  In addition, communities are purposeful in that people do follow various values and beliefs, thereby displaying still another of the many properties of systemness.

Community psychologists, like applied anthropologists, some public health workers, political scientists, and sociologists, have found that the sub-groupings within a community are definable, observable, and related to each other and to the larger power structures of a particular community.  As such, these groupings are inherently intriguing as integral parts of the human condition.

Palmerston North represents one such “typical” community in New Zealand.  In this study, ten community psychology oriented researchers went forth to explore and describe specific groupings, then examined these parts and relationships of an entire community of people through use of ecological points of view.  The process revealed both diversity and common themes, and as well, a fascinating and pleasant place to live.


Charles SUSANNE (Free University, Brussels, Brussels, Belgium)

2004•  Pages: 280• Size: 180x240• ISBN 81-85264-33-3•  Binding: Hard• 

Price: US $ 75/- Rs. 1450/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 12)

Contents: 1. Philosophical Aspects and Societal Position of Technosciences in Europe; 2. Biotechnology / Biomedicine /Ethical Trends; 3. Environment and Man: From Ethics to Politics; 4. Societal Problems, Societal Ethics

Human Obesity: A Major Health Burden                     

Kaushik  Bose (Vidyasagar University, Midnapore, India)

2005•  Pages: 112• Size: 180x240•  ISBN 81-85264-39-2 • Binding: Hard• 

Price: US $ 55/-Rs. 750/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No.13)

Obesity has emerged as the most prevalent serious public health problem of our time.  It is a condition of excessive fat accumulation in adipose tissue, to the extent that health may be impaired.  Certain detrimental effects to health are attributed to obesity.  Obesity may develop at any age in either sex.  Several factors may contribute to the development of obesity.  Obesity develops over time and, once it develops, is difficult to treat.  Obesity should not be regarded simply as a cosmetic problem affecting certain individuals, but a crisis that threatens global well-being. In the next two decades, the control and management of obesity is the biggest challenge facing Mankind. Serious coordinated efforts are required from anthropologists, bio-medical scientists, bureaucrats, doctors, health professionals and all others interested in the study of obesity, to launch a successful campaign to counter this scourge. Moreover, global as well as local policies must be formulated and implemented to address the problem of obesity.  The volume has sixteen papers that are on human obesity which is a major health problem.

Ecology, Culture, Nutrition, Health and Disease

Kaushik  Bose (Vidyasagar University, Midnapore, India)

2006•  Pages: 250• Size: 180x240•  ISBN 81-85264-42-2 • Binding: Hard• 

Price: US $ 75/-Rs. 1450/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 14)

Human health/disease has many dimensions.  Human health/disease is influence by numerous variables; the primary determinants being ecological, cultural and nutritional factors. These factors are responsible for influencing the biological and social determinants of health and disease. The state of human health is an outcome of the interactions between these factors.  The study of human health/disease is of paramount importance not only from the academic point of view but it also has immense applications as far as human development is concerned.  Its study is of much interest to practitioners of many disciplines like anthropologists, physicians, epidemiologists, ecologists, health care workers, nutritionists, sociologists, and others.  This special issue contains 22 papers spread over three units from contributors from varied disciplines from different regions of the world.  It is hoped that the wide diversity of subject matter discussed in these chapters will be of much interest to anthropologists, human biologists, medical professionals, health care workers, psychologists and sociologists.


S.P. Singh (Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India)

Rajan Gaur (Panjab University, Chandigarh, India)

2007  Pages: 120 • Size: 180x240 •  ISBN 81-85264-43-• Binding: Hard • 

Price: US $ 55- Rs. 750/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 15)

The present Special Issue of the Human Ecology is devoted to the studies of Human Body composition. The role of body composition is being increasingly appreciated because of the fact that numerous systemic diseases have a linkage with the deposition of excess fat. The distribution of body fat especially in the abdomen is referred to as a potent risk for disease. The gynoid and android fat distributions are also important risk predictors. Body Mass Index (Weight - kg /Height2 - meters) has widely been used by almost every country on the recommendations of World Health Organization to designate underweight, overweight and obesity. The papers presented in this issue explore numerous themes including the role of sitting height ratio to BMI and fatness; how physical activity changes body composition; familial resemblance in fatness and fat distribution; body composition, somatotype and growth types during childhood; secular trends in the adiposity and skinfold thicknesses of young people in developed countries; sexual dimorphism in BMI and dietary intake of thiamin; body composition during puberty; temporal trends of overweight among 9-11 year-old Australians; BMI in Hungarian youth during 20th century and blood pressure in relation to body composition. The issues and findings reported in this special issue are likely to stimulate the young minds and the scientific community alike. We hope this issue would be received warmly by every body who has interest in human body composition.


2012 • Pages: 352 • Size: 180x240 • ISBN 81-85264-43-0 •

Binding: Hard • PRICE: US $ 60/- Rs. 1950/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 16)

MAHESHVARI NAIDU (School of Social Sciences, University of

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) 2014 • Pages: 120 •

Binding: Hard • PRICE: US $ 50/- Rs. 1000/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 17)

HASSAN O. KAYA (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

2014 • Pages: 111 • Binding: Hard • PRICE: US $ 50/- Rs. 1000/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 18)

MICHEAL M. VAN WYK (University of South Africa, South Africa)

2014 • Pages: 095 • Binding: Hard • PRICE: US $ 50/- Rs. 1000/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 19)

Phineas Khazanmula Chauke, Augustine Khame Tugli,Phillip Kutame and L. Netshikweta (Guest Editors)

2015 • Pages: 226 • Binding: Hard • PRICE: US $ 50/- Rs. 1000/-

(Human Ecology Special Issue No. 20)

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