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While submitting the paper the author (s) must give a declaration that “the article has not been published or sent for publication elsewhere”.


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Further,  they  are invited  or may suggest names of eminent academicians who may be invited to

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Be a Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal


There shall be TWO issues one volume per year


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Volume 2 (No. 2 - December ), Year  2011




Papers published elsewhere or under consideration elsewhere shall not be submitted

Please prepare the paper as per format and style of the journal, for detail information visit our website:  www.krepublishers.com

◙ Manuscripts which do not conform to the journal style will be returned to the authors

◙ Always refer Reference No. of paper in correspondence

◙ Please address all correspondence by designation (Administrative Editor) only and not by name

◙ Please post all correspondence at the address given below only


Publication Schedule of a Research Paper


The publication schedule of a paper is as follow

(Always refer Reference No. of paper in all the correspondence)


1. Paper received from the author as per format of the journal  is screened and if it is  found  suitable  to consider it  for publication in the journal than  the corresponding author is asked to provide a List of at least three Referees (present status must be either Associate Professor/Reader or Professor) in the field of specialisation as the subject of the paper demands to whom we may request for review of the paper The Referees should be other than the Members of Editorial Board of the Journal, who are known to you and aware of the research activities of your Department/Institute, but are not from yours' Department/Institute) to whom the paper may be sent for review via e-mail.

The paper may also be sent to others for review in addition to the list of Referees provided by the corresponding author.


Please provide the following information about the Referees:

Full Name:

Present Status:

Field of Specialisation: 

Name and Address of Institute/Department/University:

Postal Address:

Telephone: (Office)/ (Residence) 



E-mail (It is must):


Please pay the processing fee of the paper and photograph (if any in the paper). As and when these formalities are completed than the paper is sent to the Referees for review.


2. The information about the present status of the paper is available on our website: www.krepublishers.com


3. Generally, the Referees sent their comments within twelve weeks, if not than reminder is sent for an early reply and also author is requested to provide some more names of the Referees to whom we may request for review of the paper to avoid any further delay. In case there are more than one author than all the correspondence is being done either with the first author or to the corresponding author.


4. After receiving the comments from the Referees, these are sent to the author via e-mail, to correct/revise the manuscript accordingly with a request that please do not delete and/or change the initial information and comments, these are for official use, and also do the needful only on the edited manuscript which is prepared for its  further processing for the press.


5. It is also requested that please be certain that before submitting the corrected/revised paper, you have done the needful carefully, particularly the REFERENCES CITED IN THE TEXT AND LISTED IN THE END, otherwise incomplete paper and manuscripts which do not conform to the journal style will be returned to the authors and this will delay the processing of the paper.


6. When the paper is accepted for publication it is communicated to the author via e-mail.


7. As and when the author completes these formalities than the corrected and edited paper is submitted to the press for processing of the galley proof  which is sent to the corresponding author for final corrections with an order form.  


8. Please check that  the payment  for extra pages (if an article exceed twelve printed pages) and for alterations other than correction of printer errors are mandatory, but not for order for reprints. The corresponding author gets a free copy only, but the other contributor/s can buy a copy. Please make the payment in favour of Kamla-Raj Enterprises, Delhi.


9. After receiving corrected hard copy of the galley proofs from the corresponding author, than the paper is being processed for the press and information about its publication schedule is available on our website: www.krepublishers.com


10. After final printing of the paper, the full text is available on line (website: www.krepublishers.com) and a free copy of the issue is sent  either to the first author or the corresponding author.




The Letters to the Editor may be considered of constructive criticisms and discussions of published papers and letters of relevance and interest to the readership and will be published at the discretion of the Managing Editor. 


Such Letters to the Editor should pertain only to the academic content of a paper,  no personal comments about any one ( Member of the Editorial Board, Author, Reviewer of a paper) will be entertained.


The Administrative Editor follows all the terms and conditions listed under Instructions to Contributors strictly. Therefore, no comments are expected and/or entertained on the process of receiving, reviewing, acceptance or rejection of a research paper.


Please avoid comments on any region, race/ethnic group, religion, class, caste etc.



List will be updated on 14th and 28th of Every Month

REFERENCE NO. JHB- 001 - 100


Address correspondence to

The present status of the paper is available on our website and it has been

categoriSed as follow


1. Received Hardcopy

 - Either send floppy or e-mail the text to kre@vsnl.com


-Paper is not prepared as per format of the journal


-The List of Referees has not been received for review of the paper

4. Processing fee

– The processing fee of the paper has not been received

5. PAPER For Review

- Paper has been submitted to the Referees for Review   


Acceptable After Substantial Revision. Needs to be re-referred


-Acceptable After Minor Revision or Acceptable After Moderate Revision. No need to referee again


The galley proof of the paper will be sent for final corrections in due course of time


When all the formalities have been completed

J Hum Biol, 00(0): 000-000 (0000)

Name of the Journal, Volume No. (Issue No.): PAGE NO. (Will be finalised before final printing) (YEAR)


Address for all correspondence


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