Cialis Generic

Generics of Cialis are full-fledged analogues of the original Cialis, which is produced by the American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, as well as its European subsidiaries. Cialis is the second most popular medicine in the world to combat erectile dysfunction, which is based on the active substance Tadalafil, which belongs to the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. These medications have a positive effect on erection by dilating the blood vessels in the cavernous bodies of the penis and increasing blood flow to the genital area. In turn, this effect is achieved by blocking the synthesis of phosphodiesterase type 5 enzymes in the cavernous bodies of the penis, which mainly has the function of inhibiting the erection process. Inhibition of this enzyme promotes a longer and stronger erection. It is noteworthy that drugs based on Tadalafil are used for erectile dysfunction of various etiologies: physiological, psychological, and mixed. They are not addictive and are not aphrodisiacs or narcotic substances.

Buy Cialis Online Safely

Today, in the age of the development of online trading, no one is surprised by the purchase of various medicines in online pharmacies. The Internet provides greater freedom of choice, the opportunity to order medicine from abroad, choose one or another generic from a large range of products from different manufacturers. There are many advantages to purchasing Cialis and its generics online. Among them, we can note more affordable prices than in traditional offline pharmacies, a huge range, including non-standard release forms (in addition to traditional pills, soft tablets, sachets with gel for oral administration, capsules), confidentiality, and the ability to buy the desired drug without a prescription.

However, in order to safely purchase Cialis online, it is needed to follow certain rules and remain vigilant.

We should start with the fact that there is nothing reprehensible or risky in purchasing generic Cialis. Modern pharmaceutical legislation obliges all drugs, not only branded ones, but also generics, to undergo mandatory registration, during which generic manufacturers provide evidence of the effectiveness of their drugs and their identity with the branded prototype in case of generic. In this regard, if a buyer places an order in an official online pharmacy with a valid license for the sale of medicines, its assortment simply cannot contain any counterfeits that don't have all the necessary documents, are made in a handicraft manner, are harmful to the health of consumers and are not corresponding to the prototype drug.

The following can be concluded: when searching for a resource on the Internet where you are going to buy branded Cialis or its generics, pay attention to the availability of the pharmacy's license number and its validity period. This is the main guarantee that the products presented on the virtual shelves of this pharmacy comply with international certification and quality standards.

Those men who are especially suspicious of generic Cialis, fearing that low-quality, ineffective or poorly tolerated drugs may be sold under their guise, can be advised to opt for those Tadalafil-based generics that have received FDA approval. This means that even the American pharmaceutical legislation, which is very picky about all the nuances, recognized these generics to be completely identical in their effect, quality and quantity of the main active ingredient to the original Cialis.

Finally, it is necessary to remember about simple prohibitions regarding the purchase of both generic Cialis and, in general, any means of restoring potency, as well as, in principle, any medications. They can only be bought in pharmacies, and in no case on forums where they are sold by some private individuals, not in sex shops, which are not even obliged to provide the necessary storage conditions for medicines, and not on dubious sites selling the main way as biologically active food additives. If you turn to such resources, there is indeed a risk of coming across a placebo, a fake, or some kind of medicine that has nothing to do with the real thing.

Particular attention should be paid to the country of origin. For example, today there are no Chinese-made generics of Cialis, although certain websites may sell dietary supplements based on various herbs for them, advertised as a means to combat reptilian dysfunction, which supposedly contain Tadalafil. When checking such drugs, it usually turns out that they there is no Tadalafil at all, or it is present in trace amounts that do not have any significant effect on the body. In addition, products from the category of Chinese or Vietnamese traditional medicine are usually very clumsily disguised as generics. They are sold without instructions for use and are often various tinctures or syrups that clearly smell like herbs and often cause severe allergic reactions. Customers should be wary of Chinese and Vietnamese products, even if they are advertised as genuine Cialis substitutes with adequate dosages of Tadalafil (5, 10 or 20 mg).

Products from countries such as India, Canada, Israel, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Eastern European countries, Australia and many others can be trusted. They can be found in almost any major online pharmacy.

Buy Generic Cialis

When buying generic Cialis, you should pay attention first of all to the dosage so that it corresponds to the one recommended by your urologist. In most cases, treatment begins with a dosage of 10 mg, and if necessary, it is increased or decreased.

Since generic Cialis is presented not only in the form of standard pills, but also in the form of soft tablets, sachets and capsules, it is necessary to take into account the fact that Tadalafil in non-standard release forms begins to act on the male body faster, and moreover, its effect is felt more bright. It is not uncommon for a man who was completely satisfied with a dosage of 10 mg in the form of standard tablets to be content with a dosage of 5 mg when taking sachets or soft tablets.

If you are going to purchase generic Cialis on your own initiative, keep in mind that you must study the instructions for use of this medicine. Don't neglect carefully reading the sections on the interaction of Tadalafil with other drugs, contraindications and side effects. It is possible that your case of erectile dysfunction requires a different kind of treatment.

Generic Cialis Cost

Low cost is precisely the advantage of generic Cialis, thanks to which more and more men choose analogues of this medicine rather than the branded drug. Brand Cialis costs an average of $63 per pill with a dosage of 20 mg. Meanwhile, even if you don't try at all to find the cheapest option for generic Cialis, it will cost at least three times less. This is already a significant budget savings for the treatment of such an unpleasant condition as problems with potency. And if you spend at least a little time searching for great deals, you can easily purchase generic Cialis at a price of one to three dollars per tablet.

First of all, Indian generics can boast of such a low cost, especially if the buyer orders a large batch of tablets at once. In this case, the price per pill, especially for the 5 mg dosage, may even be less than $1. You can save additional money when placing an order by being a regular customer of an online pharmacy with a loyalty card, or by using special discount coupons. They can be found both on the websites of specific pharmacies and on various aggregator websites.

Generic Cialis from India

Generic Cialis from India is represented on the global pharmaceutical market in huge quantities. Without exaggeration, almost every major Indian pharmaceutical company has at least three versions of generic Cialis in all possible dosages. Many manufacturers pay special attention to non-standard forms of release of this medicine. Such well-known Indian companies as Centurion Laboratories, Dr. Reddy's, Cipla and many others offer their products at more than affordable prices.

Indian manufacturers are focused primarily on the global market, so generics of Cialis are easy to buy for US residents. This can be done not only by contacting one of the many national Indian online pharmacies, but also in large international online pharmacies. The products of Indian generic manufacturers are sold in huge volumes, so any shortcomings in terms of quality quickly become known and are eliminated almost instantly. In general, Indian analogues of branded Cialis have a reputation for being reliable and high-quality; they are often tolerated by patients even better than the original medicine.

Generic Cialis Dosage

Naturally, generic Cialis is available primarily in the same dosages in which the original medicine is produced. These are 5, 10 or 20 mg in one pill, softgel or sachet. However, generic manufacturers have gone a little further than simply copying the dosages of the original drug. Some generic manufacturers also offer a dosage of 15 mg, which is convenient for those men who do not want to burden their body with the maximum dosage of Tadalafil (20 mg), but want to increase the effect compared to a dosage of 10 mg.

In addition, quite often in online pharmacies you can find generic Cialis with a dosage of 40 mg. This option may alert buyers, because the instructions for Tadalafil clearly indicate that the maximum permitted daily dosage of this medicine is 20 mg. However, you should not be surprised that 40 mg dosages are available in pharmacies. No one is suggesting that it needs to be taken in its entirety in order to achieve some amazing effect. Such a large dosage is created taking into account the fact that before taking such a tablet, such a tablet is divided into at least two parts. You might wonder why do this, since it's not very convenient? The answer is simple: for the sake of saving. It is always cheaper to produce one high-dose tablet than many small-dose tablets. The price for the end consumer changes accordingly.

Generic Cialis 20mg

Generic Cialis in a dosage of 20 mg is the most popular version of this medicine, which is preferred by men who want to be firmly confident that they will get the maximum possible effect from taking this medicine. Generic Cialis 20 mg can be bought cheaply on the websites of Indian and Canadian pharmacies, and in international online pharmacies. You can also use such a life hack as searching for the most profitable options on aggregator sites that collect offers from different pharmacies on one page, which can be sorted by manufacturer, delivery cost, delivery time, specific manufacturer, release form, and others.

Don't exceed the daily dosage of generic Cialis in the amount of 20 mg. Otherwise, it is fraught with severe side effects, especially on the cardiovascular system.

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