Volume 30                                                 CONTENTS                                           2020

      VOLUME 30, Number 1-3                                                                                                JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER 2020


Jean N. Guillasper, Gil P. Soriano and Ryan Michael F. Oducado   Psychometric Properties of ‘Attitude towards e-Learning Scale’ among Nursing Students


DOI: 10.31901/24566322.2020/30.1-3.1135

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Abdullah Almutairi Ego Depletion, Indoctrination, and Moral Responsibility


DOI: 10.31901/24566322.2020/30.1-3.1131

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Mohammed A.  Alwaheeb Effect of Human Resource Practices on Employee Retention in Public Universities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


DOI: 10.31901/24566322.2020/30.1-3.1133

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Honeylet J. Nicolas Development and Pre-Use Evaluation of Instructional Materials in Undergraduate Animal Science Courses for Agriculture Programs


DOI: 10.31901/24566322.2020/30.1-3.1137

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Thikryat Jibril Qaralleh The Reality of Administrative Empowerment Among School Leaders in the Directorate of Education in Karak, Southern Jordan


DOI: 10.31901/24566322.2020/30.1-3.1140

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Saeed Nazal Al-Anazy Introduction and its Effect on Learning Effectiveness, Application Models from the Prophet’s Sunnah


DOI: 10.31901/24566322.2020/30.1-3.1141

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Hamad Abdullah Algomaizy and Talha Abdullah Sharadgah Social Networking Sites as an Educational Tool: The Facebook Group Feature as an Alternative to Learning Management Systems in Teaching and Learning


DOI: 10.31901/24566322.2020/30.1-3.1142

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Danh Duc Nguyen and Quynh Thi Nhu Nguyen Aligning Stakeholder Participation in Effective Implementation of Values Education Curriculum in Schools of Vietnam


DOI: 10.31901/24566322.2020/30.1-3.1128

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Nonofo Molly Otukile, Mabua Mabua and Nkobi Owen Pansiri • Identity Crisis and Exclusion in Schools: A Challenge for School Leadership in Botswana


DOI: 10.31901/24566322.2020/30.1-3.1139

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Jay Emmanuel L. Asuncion, Rudolf T. Vecaldo, Antonio I. Tamayao, Maria T. Mamba, Febe Marl G. Paat and Editha S. Pagulayan Exploring the Nexus of Holistic Education and College Readiness: Insights from K-12 Graduates in the Philippines


DOI: 10.31901/24566322.2020/30.1-3.1143

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